January 11 2010 To continue our report from 181

first_imgJanuary 11, 2010 To continue our report from 1/8/10, the group of art students from the Kansas City Art Institute met with Paolo Soleri for the weekly SCHOOL OF THOUGHT philosophy session. [photo & text: sue] The theme for discussion last week was THE LEAN LINEAR CITY [see a series of postings about the Lean Linear City from Nov. 27. to Dec. 14. 2009]. School of Thought occurs almost every Wednesday at 3 pm and is open to the public and visiting groups. If you plan to attend, please call our visitors center at 928 632-6217 for confirmation. [photo & text: sue] The Kansas City Art Institute group. This photo speaks for itself. [photo: & text: sue]last_img

French media regulator the CSA has delivered a fav

first_imgFrench media regulator the CSA has delivered a favourable opinion – with caveats – on the freeing up of spectrum in the 700MHz band for mobile broadband applications.The CSA said that the reallocation of frequencies necessary to free up 700MHz spectrum would require changes of encoding standard to enable TV services to fit in six multiplexes instead of eight. It said that there would need to be a contribution to the cost, at least in part, of meeting this change, and of compensating existing distributors for the disappearance of the two muxes.The CSA said that there would also be a need to support local authorities that had to bear the cost of adjusting local transmitters.Finally, the CSA said that the changeover, envisaged for next April, would require a high degree of reliability and security and highlighted the extremely challenging nature of the plan to complete the process in a single night – that of April 5. The changeover will involve a move to MPEG-4, the re-composition of the muxes, a firsty stage of shutting down broadcasts in the 700MHz band and simultaneous realignment of frequencies across a large zone including the Paris region, and the deployment of the R7 multiple in the Rhône-Alpes region.The regulator recommended breaking up the process into different stages, with the re-composition of muxes and coding changes decoupled from the realighment necessary to free up the 700M read more