The excellence of hotel service is the best promotional material

first_imgHotel management is more and more obsessed with numbers, calculations, determining the best sales channels, and maximizing overall ROI. If something is not guaranteed, they are hard to separate from the money for communication activities. In the fight for profit, one often forgets to take into account hospitality and the guest experience in general. However, hotel management often turns its head in front of negative criticism of guests on forums and social networks, believing that they cannot learn too much from it. And so often one of the most important factors in the hotel industry – service, often becomes “out of service”.PROVIDE THE GUEST WITH AN ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST THE PROMISED SERVICES The end result of the hotel experience is impossible to put into calculations, but this does not mean that its quality does not play a significant role in the final results. While all parts of the hotel story are important and one should be smart with technical innovations and modern standards, one must by no means forget the feeling, experience and added value for the guest. Because one thing is for sure, when a traveler visits any hotel, he is not an inspector and does not ask for all the technical specifications and services listed on the website or in the reservation systems.What that same traveler expects is that these services will be found no matter what. Instead, he expects a whole host of positive feelings; he expects to be appreciated, pampered, expects to be pampered by all his senses and to ultimately experience everything he does not have the opportunity to experience in everyday life.KINDNESS AND DEDICATION SHOULD BE THE MAIN WORD IN THE HOSPITALITYAs a hotelier, you must not forget that just one nice gesture, just one small extra service or some nice sentence will be the best promotional material for your hotel. Often you yourself are not even aware of how easy it is to get a new hotel ambassador, and how much the positive atmosphere in the hotel contributes to better reviews.Today, when social media and travel forums are a powerful tool in deciding on the choice of hotel, it is especially important to focus on the communication activities of the hotel, from the stage of imagination of the guest to the stage of staying in the hotel. The power of a recommendation, whether online or oral, is extremely important and can easily bring you positive publicity, but also one bad move can easily turn the whole 360-degree business story into a negative. The arrogant way of doing business has not brought great results to anyone in the hotel industry, because guests really care how they feel about returning from a trip.Photo: Unsplash.comAS A HOTEL HOTEL, ASK YOURSELF EVERY DAY A FEW QUESTIONS:Do you pay enough attention to the guest experience?Eg. Have you introduced any “gastro travel” in your catering offer? Does your mini club work inspiringly and does it really help parents? Have you thought about organizing some theme clubs at the hotel? Namely, today people often travel because of hobbies and the desire to socialize with like-minded people… Is your wellness really as extraordinary and unique as it is written in your brochures? Are your receptionists sufficiently educated to tell guests the story of the destination itself and share useful recommendations and advice? Are you fast and efficient and do you provide service 24 hours a day? Does your food and beverage manager have enough authority to cheer up a dissatisfied guest with some free catering surprise during their stay? Do you care in general about how your staff treats dissatisfied guests? And finally, how helpful is your staff to the guest and how common is it for them to laugh when they pass by the guest?What story are you telling the world? What’s your story? Does your hotel have any special features that you are proud of? Did you include stories from the destination in the stories about your hotel? Maybe just the history and tradition of the place or the people associated with the hotel could be a great story? Maybe gastronomic specialties and your catering offer in general are something you should talk more about? Or do you have a unique hotel design, designer furniture or your own brand within the hotel from which you could make an interesting story? Great stories also arise from the style of the hotel, whether you go in the direction of lifestyle, holistic approach, fun, family vacation, honeymoon. Each model provides material for many new stories.No matter what characterizes you best, be sure to make a story about it! Be authentic and honest! And finally, be determined to achieve publicity on a topic that suits you, and that is of course possible if you have a good PR plan. It is important to be inspiring in continuity and always awaken the imagination of a potential guest!How do you connect with your potential guests who are in the process of planning and dreaming about their ideal destination?Do you develop the image of your hotel on a “storytelling model”, ie do you tell stories about your specific services and experiences of the area in which you are located? Do you have great photos and videos that show the experience during your stay at your hotel?Do you connect with your guests through social media? Do you answer questions on travel forums? Do you answer questions with some splint or tailor made approach? Do you have a loyalty program for your guests? Do you inform your old guests regularly about your current offer? Do you remember your guest during the year with a nice gesture such as a birthday card, holidays…?Remember, in the hotel industry, the personalization of the guest is extremely important. Hotel staff should be constantly educated on this issue and find solutions that offer a caring, yet not intrusive approach to the guest. Because every guest wants to feel honored and special, and this is possible even with a small gesture of addressing the guest by direct email or a nice response on social networks.Photo: Unsplash.comDo you listen to what guests say about the hotel experience in reviews on travel forums? Guest comments are important because they speak to their experience of your content. They often provide great guidance for the next steps on how to improve your business in a variety of ways. If you read the reviews carefully, you can reach business priorities, which you should implement as soon as possible.Databases are the key to excellent user experience management. They help detect many at first invisible patterns of behavior and definitely open up new opportunities to improve the service. Sometimes customer reviews and responses will easily help you develop a new effective hotel service.Do you have a clear PR strategy?Remember, PR strategy and activity plan not only serve to attract guests to the hotel, they also serve to better understand the real needs of guests and extraordinary work in the facility when the guest came to enjoy the experience.Without a clear PR strategy, the image of a hotel can very easily weaken and in the long run it will not be clear who you really are and what values ​​you represent. It is probably of little importance to any hotel to be just one of the options in the reservation systems, and in order not to stay that way, it is important to constantly tell stories about your hotel. Stories that will set it apart from others on the market.Are internal and external communication in the hotel equally important to you?When talking about the PR strategy of a hotel, it is important to remember that no PR plan will be implemented with a result if there is no excellent communication between the hotel staff.In other words, if your public relations department does not communicate with other departments, starting from the household, reception and bartender to the sales team, and if everyone does not understand their share of story and responsibility, the effectiveness of PR activities is greatly reduced. It is disappointing that some of the hotels do not have any PR strategy at all, let alone a clear plan. The sales department is often expected to plan and carry out marketing and PR activities and to take all necessary actions for the best promotion of the hotel. And while it’s extremely important that the marketing and PR departments work great with the sales department, these are completely different roles. Three in one can hardly have a long-term positive effect on hotel image and figures.Photo: Unsplash.comMAKE YOUR GUEST FEEL SPECIALKindness, dedication and individual and professional attitude towards each guest should be the foundation of quality hotel business. A fresh dose of positive every day will always delight your guest again and again. Therefore, make sure that your staff is friendly, smiling and ready to offer and refer to additional facilities of your hotel and the area in which you are. The guest always wants to feel special and experience everything that everyday life does not provide.You must never forget how important mutual communication is in all hotel departments. Without understanding and solving problems on one side of the hotel, the other side cannot be expected to function properly. Lastly, remember that word of mouth is still a powerful promotional tool, and social media is a place where good or bad news about your service spreads quickly. Therefore, always pay attention to the excellence of your service because their value will overshadow any promotional material.Author: Marijana Brdovnik, – Travel PR & Travel Branding agencylast_img read more


PNP believes drug war ‘still successful’ despite Robredo remark

first_imgPhilippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Brigadier General Bernard Banac MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) still believes that the government war against drugs is still working despite the remark of Vice President Leni Robredo that the drug menace is still prevalent in the country. PNP spokesman Brigadier General Bernard Banac said in a press conference that the administration’s anti-drug campaign will continue as the public is satisfied with it. Banac cited a Social Weathers Stations survey stating that 82% of adult Filipinos were pleased with the anti-narcotics campaign resulting in an “excellent” net satisfaction rating of +70. “Mananatili po ang ating kampanya dahil ito po ‘yung mandato natin at kailangang gampanan para sa ating mga mamamayan,” he said.center_img Banac added: “Well ang atin pong isinagawang anti-illegal drug campaign ay meron pong 82-percent approval satisfaction from our public so ‘yun po ang magiging batayan namin kaya magpapatuloy ang ating kampanya laban sa illegal na droga,” he added. In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Robredo said that Duterte must put an end to the bloody war on drugs as it has been “ineffective” and it was putting a dent on the country’s international image. “We ask ourselves, ‘Why is this still happening?’ The president has already made very serious threats to drug syndicates, to drug lords … and yet it’s still very prevalent, so obviously, it’s not working,” said Robredo./PNlast_img read more


Rays’ Austin Meadows talks trade to Tampa Bay, rhinos and the key to his 2019 success

first_imgMORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp’ a new MLB live whiparound show on DAZNSPORTING NEWS: Congratulations on the enormity of your success this season. How does it feel?AUSTIN MEADOWS: Thank you! It feels good. Just being able to play everyday. More just helping the team win, it’s been good.SN: You hear you were traded — who did you get the call from when you were traded?AM: The front office from the Rays called me. Just basically walked me through the organization.SN: What’s going through your mind at that point?AM: A lot. You wonder how the guys are gonna welcome you, where you’re gonna go. I ended up going to Triple-A in Durham. There’s a lot of things going through your head.You wonder if you’ll ever see your teammates again, my old teammates with the Pirates. There’s definitely a lot going through your head. But I was more excited, than anything, and anxious, to start my career with the Rays.SN: Obviously there was a logjam in the Pittsburgh outfield, you come here and you know you’re gonna get a chance.AM: That’s the biggest thing, knowing that I was going to get the opportunity over here. Being able to come over here to a team that is hungry, to a team that had 90 wins. It was a great time to come over. They were very welcoming when I came over, it felt like I had been here for a long time. SN: You come up and play a few games for Tampa last year. Struggle is a relative term — you didn’t really struggle. But what was it like going through that period, where you’re traded and you don’t really have the success you want?AM: For me, you realize the plan in place. You realize what (Tampa Bay) gave up to get me, them giving up Chris Archer to get me and Tyler Glasnow and Shane Baz. To sit down and realize how badly they want you, and to realize you’re a part of their future. For me, that’s more what it’s about, it’s about the future and the potential.Last year, I only got about a couple weeks with the big leagues with the Rays, so obviously it was a really small sample size. But being able to start the year off fresh here and play everyday has been a blessing.SN: I actually asked Nate Lowe this question. There are certain teams in baseball that have an attitude, the A’s, the Rays, and so forth. What does it mean to be a Tampa Bay Ray?AM: It means a lot. For me to be able to come in here and be here for almost a year now, it’s been nothing but great times. Especially with my teammates, the guys I’ve made good relationships with. But to be a Tampa Bay Ray in general, it means a lot. It’s a great division that we’re in. Great baseball being played. We have a lot of talent, being a part of a talented group of guys is always fun. Being a Tampa Bay Ray, it means the world.SN: All right, some rapid fire, don’t overthink these. You’re in the gym, you’re lifting weights, you’re getting pumped. What’s your go-to song or artist?AM: I was just listening to Avicii today. Some nice, upbeat music to kinda get me in the mood. SN: Pizza or tacos?AM: Ooohhh, pizza. New York pizza.SN: Last question: if a rhino and a hippo were to get into a fight, who would win?AM: A rhino.SN: See, Nate (Lowe) said hippos.  AM: Why?SN: He said they’re very aggressive. But if you were to get two equally aggressive animals, I think the rhino would win.AM: I think the rhino would win. The weight, the horn, I think it would overpower the hippo. Throughout the 2019 MLB season, Sporting News will run short interviews with players, highlighting their favorite foods, activities and more.In this edition, SN’s Joe Rivera got two minutes with Rays outfielder Austin Meadows.last_img read more



first_imgTRAINER HOPES TO BR-BR-BR-BREAK THE ICE WITH CAPE NELOGloves, scarves and ear muffs are the order of the day these mornings at Santa Anita, as horsemen seek to fend off temperatures pushing the freezing mark.How cold is it?“I reached for some straw at 5:40 a.m. Tuesday morning and couldn’t feel my fingers,” said trainer Michael Curtis, currently running a one-horse stable in Cape Nelo, a two-year-old gray son of Cape Blanco out of the Tapit mare Misinjennuous, owned by Ioan “Johnny” Bochis.“He’s a very nice and generous man,” said the 61-year-old Curtis, displaying a photo on his phone of a recent gift given to him by Bochis, a late model Toyota Sequoia.Cape Nelo finished sixth in his lone start, a six furlong race at Del Mar last summer, but Curtis, a native of England, has nominated him to stakes routes, including the Santa Anita Derby and the Kentucky Derby. “He’s bred to go long,” Curtis said. ‘CHROME’ TO WORK BEFORE FIRST RACE SATURDAYSTRATEGY CHANGE FOR IMPERIOUS ONE IN LOGANDECKED OUT ‘READY TO GO’ FOR GRADE II SANTA YNEZQUICK CASABLANCA: TIME IS ON HIS SIDE IN SAN GABRIELSALUTOS AMIGOS ‘DOING GREAT’ FOR MIDNIGHT LUTETRAINER KEEPS HIS COOL WITH ONE-HORSE STABLE SALUTOS AMIGOS SET FOR GRADE III MIDNIGHT LUTE Despite the fact that Salutos Amigos has won six races at Aqueduct, including four straight stakes, David Jacobson says he is not a horse for course.“He just loves to run,” said the trainer, who has the six-year-old gelded son of Salute the Sarge entered in Saturday’s Grade III Midnight Lute Stakes at 6 ½ furlongs.“He’s doing great. I’m very happy.”Salutos Amigos is the star of the 20 head Jacobson has on hand for the Winter Meet, his first regular tour at The Great Race Place since he was a teenager being mentored by the late Bobby Frankel some 40 years ago.Jacobson, who has engaged Mike Smith to ride Salutos Amigos, owns the Kentucky-bred in conjunction with Michael Blanco Moreno, who campaigns as Southern Equine Stable.Salutos Amigos has won 10 of 34 career starts and earned $1,122,406 running for three different trainers, including Eric Guillot and Kathy Walsh. The horse broke his maiden at Santa Anita on Feb. 9, 2013, when conditioned by Guillot.The Midnight Lute: Seattle Serenade, Mike Smith; San Onofre, Alex Solis; Distinctiv Passion, Edwin Maldonado; Pulling G’s, Victor Espinoza; Raised a Secret, Fernando Perez; All Run, Mario Gutierrez; and Salutos Amigos, Martin Garcia. FANS CAN SEE CALIFORNIA CHROME WORK SATURDAYCalifornia Chrome, the Marco Polo of Thoroughbred travelers, returns to the scene of one of his greatest triumphs Saturday when he works at Santa Anita for the Grade II, $200,000 San Pasqual Stakes at Santa Anita on Saturday, Jan. 9, his first race since last March 28.The 2014 Horse of the Year is scheduled to work six furlongs under regular rider Victor Espinoza before the first race, at approximately 12 noon. First post time that day is 12:30 p.m.California Chrome had been on a Saturday to Saturday work schedule but went seven furlongs Sunday at his Los Alamitos headquarters in 1:25.40. With rain forecast for this Sunday, trainer Art Sherman opted to move California Chrome’s final major drill for the San Pasqual to Saturday, and Santa Anita will accommodate the California-bred son of Lucky Pulpit who turns five on New Year’s Day with a pristine track free of other workers.The popular chestnut horse, winner of the 2014 Santa Anita Derby, is expected to face the Clydesdale-sized Dortmund, 2015 Santa Anita Derby winner, among others, in the mile-and-a-sixteenth San Pasqual.Since his victory in the Santa Anita Derby April 4 of last year, California Chrome has raced at Churchill Downs, where he won the Kentucky Derby; Pimlico, where he captured the Preakness; Belmont Park, where he dead-heated for fourth in the Belmont Stakes; Parx where he ran sixth in the Pennsylvania Derby; Santa Anita where he was third, beaten a neck, in the Breeders’ Cup Classic; Del Mar, where he won the Hollywood Derby on turf; again at Santa Anita where he was second to the late, great Shared Belief in the San Antonio Invitational; and then off to the Middle East where he was second in the Dubai World Cup last March 28.After that race, there were trips to England and Arlington Park, where potential races never came to fruition. Now his countless fans will have an opportunity to see California Chrome work this Saturday and, if all goes well, race the following Saturday in the San Pasqual.In 18 career starts, California Chrome has won nine races, finishing second three times and third once, earning $6,322,650. A successful venture in the San Pasqual is expected to lead to a return trip to Dubai for the $10 million race on March 26. LOGAN STRATEGY CHANGE SHOULD AID IMPERIOUS ONEImperious One was no factor when he made his United States debut Nov. 29 in the Grade III Cecil B. DeMille Stakes at Del Mar, finishing ninth by 7 ¾ lengths in the one mile turf race. But Doug O’Neill is optimistic that the Irish-bred colt will improve in Thursday’s $75,000 Eddie Logan Stakes for two-year-olds at one mile on turf.“Off his (four) races in England, he wants to be more forwardly placed,” the trainer said. “In the DeMille, we were on the outside breaking from post nine in a field of 12.“For the Eddie Logan, the plan will be to put him up in the race and see what we can do, but we’re still excited about his prospects.”The Eddie Logan: Trust Your Gut, Fernando Perez, 5-1; Arabian Leopard, Martin Garcia, 5-1; Bully Pulpit, Tiago Pereira, 20-1; Storming Candy, Mike Smith, 12-1; Afleet Domination, Mario Gutierrez, 20-1; Imperious One, Rafael Bejarano, 5-1; Path of David, Joe Talamo, 5-2; Giopress, Martin Pedroza, 20-1; Mr Notorious, Santiago Gonzalez, 12-1; Canada, Gary Stevens, 3-1; and also-eligible Tiz a Billy, Alonso Quinonez, 7-2.center_img FINISH LINES: On New Year’s Day Santa Anita offers another of its popular Dollar Days, with draft beer, hot dogs and sodas available for a buck apiece . . . Humberto Ascanio, assistant to the late Hall of Fame trainer Bobby Frankel for more than three decades until a stroke in 2012 put him on the sidelines, was on hand Sunday to present a trophy to the winning connections of Gender Agenda, who posted a $23.80 upset in the Robert J. Frankel Stakes. “It’s nice to be back at the track,” said Ascanio, 67. “It’s great to see familiar faces and old friends. Hopefully, in the New Year, I’ll spend more time here.”. . . Santa Anita Wagering Ambassador Christopher Ado will be Tom Quigley‘s guest handicapper Saturday, while track announcer Frank Mirahmadi will do honors Sunday, both days at 11:20 a.m. in the East Paddock Gardens . . . Thoroughbreds aren’t the only ones turning a year older on Jan. 1. Trainer Gary Sherlock celebrates birthday No. 70 on New Year’s Day. DECKED OUT BACK AT SANTA ANITA FOR SANTA YNEZDecked Out has been facing “the nuts” since breaking her maiden first out last May, but is winless in four straight stakes since. Keith Desormeaux hopes the brief drought ends Saturday in the Grade II, $200,000 Santa Ynez Stakes for three-year-old fillies at 6 ½ furlongs.“She’s freshened and she’s ready to go,” the trainer said of the chestnut daughter of Street Boss, who last raced on Sept. 12, finishing fifth after leading in the Grade II Pocahontas at Churchill Downs.It has not been necessary for her to carry her track with her. She has raced at Santa Anita (where she broke her maiden last May 7); Belmont Park, Saratoga and Churchill. “She’s run all over the country,” Desormeaux said. “Maybe she just needs Santa Anita.”The field: My Dynamo, Fernando Perez; Rockantharos, Edwin Maldonado; Decked Out, Kent Desormeaux; Treasuring, Victor Espinoza; One Last Shot, Mike Smith; Code Warrior, Anne Sanguinetti; Pretty N Cool, Martin Garcia; and Forever Darling, Rafael Bejarano. QUICK CASABLANCA READY FOR SAN GABRIELQuick Casablanca, who ran a creditable fifth behind turf monster The Pizza Man in the Grade II Hollywood Turf Cup at Del Mar Nov. 26, hopes to run in Saturday’s Grade II, $200,000 San Gabriel Stakes for older horses at 1 1/8 miles on turf. Quick Casablanca drew post 14 on the also-eligible list for the San Gabriel.“He worked really well on the dirt the other day, (six furlongs in 1:12.80), and he really isn’t a dirt horse,” Hall of Fame trainer Ron McAnally said of the 8-year-old Chilean-bred horse owned by Pablo Gomez. “He’s doing well and he’s had a lot of time between races.”Quick Casablanca’s lone win in 13 U.S. starts came in the Grade III Last Tycoon Stakes at Santa Anita on April 25, 2014.The field: Flamboyant, Brice Blanc; Big John B, Rafael Bejarano; Poshky, Victor Espinoza; Texas Ryno, James Graham; Power Red, Mario Gutierrez; Class Leader, Kent Desormeaux; Bal a Bali, Flavien Prat; Obviously, Joe Talamo; Wanstead Gardens, Gary Stevens; Chiropractor, Corey Nakatani; Macro Access, Martin Garcia; and also-eligibles Kenjisstorm, Edwin Maldonado; Southern Freedom, Mike Smith; and Quick Casablanca, Tyler Baze.last_img read more