Kaitlyn, Artem Receive Perfect Score, Hug Carrie Ann Inaba

first_imgIt’s getting down to the wire on Dancing With the Stars! During the Monday, November 9, episode, the remaining contestants had the chance to pay tribute to one of their favorite musicians during Icons Night. However, many of the stars became icons of the ballroom!Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev performed on a very dramatic Argentine tango to Britney Spears‘ “Toxic” that wowed the judges. Derek Hough, Bruno Tonioli and even Carrie Ann Inaba — who has been very tough on Kaitlyn and Artem — raved over the routine.- Advertisement – Justina won the first matchup, earning two extra points. Skai won the second and AJ won the last. Unfortunately, AJ and Johnny landed in the bottom in the two. Bruno chose to save Johnny, Derek chose to save AJ. Ultimately, it came down to Carrie Ann, who chose to save Johnny.Scroll through the gallery below to find out all the scores from Monday’s show. – Advertisement – Another powerful dance was done by Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten. The duo performed a strong paso doble for her tribute to Janet Jackson. In addition to being a huge fan of her music, Skai revealed that she wanted to honor the icon because of her activism. During her package, the Disney Channel alum detailed the racism she’s experienced during her life and revealed she has missed out on roles due to the color of her skin. At the end of her paso doble, “use your voice” was written on the back wall of the ballroom.In the second round, each duo competed in a dance-off challenge with another pair. Justina and Sasha danced the cha-cha to Lady Gaga and Beyonce‘s “Telephone” against Kaitlyn and Artem; AJ and Cheryl danced the jive to Ricky Martin‘s “Cup of Life” against Johnny and Britt; and Nelly and Daniella danced the salsa to Wham‘s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” against Skai and Alan. (Nev and Jenna earned immunity based on last week’s leaderboard.)- Advertisement – “I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I have to say, I have to give you a standing ovation. That was incredible. We push you because we want you to reach your ultimate,” the judge told the pair. “Every line was amazing. Every lift. … Everything about it was amazing. Everything that we’ve been wanting from you was in this routine.”After her comments, Artem and Katilyn ran over to embrace Carrie Ann in a hug. The former Bachelorette also noted that even when the Hawaii native was a tough critic, she “knew it came from that place” of love, “even if it was hard to hear.”Kaitlyn Bristowe Artem Chigvintsev Receive Perfect Score DWTSKaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev perform on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ ABCThe pair received a perfect 30 — their first of the season — and it wasn’t the only perfect score given on Monday night. Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart earned a perfect 30 for their quickstep to Amy Winehouse‘s “Valerie.”- Advertisement –last_img read more


What is Littlefinger up to on Game of Thrones

first_imgThe conclusion of the much hyped “Battle of the Bastards” episode on HBO’s Game of Thrones turned out to be fairly predictable for viewers following the clues laid out in the past few episodes of the show. However, there’s one character who joined the fight at precisely the correct time whose motivations are still murky, even when the show has managed to make other plotlines clearer through adaptation.Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen), otherwise known as Littlefinger, the Protector of the Vale, has always been motivating the actions of characters from the shadows, and he rarely makes mistakes. Knowing what we know about what Littlefinger has been up to in the sixth season, we gotta wonder: what in the world is his plan?Spoilers for Game of Thrones through season six follow.It wasn’t until season four that the show came out and confirmed that Baelish had basically masterminded the main plot of the War of the Five Kings. When Baelish and Sansa reach the Eyrie and Lysa Arryn admits to poisoning her husband mere episodes after Littlefinger confirmed to Sansa that he conspired to poison Joffrey, the scope of Littlefinger’s actions throughout the series were revealed.Lysa Arryn’s husband — whom she poisoned for Baelish — was Jon Arryn, the former Hand of the King who died right before the first episode of the show began. Arryn was in King’s Landing acting as Hand of the King for Robert Baratheon, and had secretly stumbled across the secret Lannister incest that Ned Stark spends the first season investigating. When Jon dies, Lysa writes a letter to her sister Catelyn Stark in the North explaining that she suspects the Lannisters in her husband’s death (it turns out Littlefinger asked her to write this letter). That makes Catelyn and Ned suspicious of the Lannisters from the start, a suspicion that only increases when Bran is pushed out of a tower window by Jaime.If you recall, when Catelyn went to King’s Landing to talk to Ned, Petyr pulled her aside and suggested the second attempt on Bran’s life (the one with the Valyrian steel dagger) was made by Tyrion Lannister. Littlefinger knows this is a lie, but it gets Catelyn out of King’s Landing and pushes her to seize Tyrion and keep him prisoner at the Vale. Littlefinger then betrayed Ned Stark in King’s Landing, setting up Jaime to take him prisoner because Catelyn took Tyrion prisoner. This is all in the first season, and Littlefinger is the prime motivator behind everyone’s actions, starting with convincing Lysa to murder her husband and write to her sister.By the time we meet Baelish in the story, he has already struggled to be taken seriously. He has risen up the ranks of the nobility after being born to humble beginnings in the Fingers, and seems to only have had two goals his entire life: amass more power, and get Catelyn Tully (who became Catelyn Stark) to love him. He never accomplishes the second goal, but does make considerable progress in the first by pitting the Lannisters and the Starks against each other.Even though he loves Catelyn, who backs her son Robb Stark in the War of the Five Kings, Baelish stays in King’s Landing as the war breaks out and manipulates the situation to gain titles. Littlefinger keeps the secret Tyrion uses as Hand of the King to discover Cersei’s mole in the small council, then gets sent to make a deal with Catelyn Stark at the camp of Renly Baratheon. When Renly is killed (by a magic smoke baby), Littlefinger conspires with Margaery and Loras Tyrell to convince Tywin Lannister to allow Joffrey to marry Margaery. At the Battle of Blackwater, the Tyrell forces show up just in time to defeat Stannis’ army and Joffrey discards Sansa in exchange for Margaery.By brokering the deal with the Tyrells, Littlefinger is elevated to Lord of Harrenhal and finally gets some land and title to his name. Harrenhal isn’t the best title to Lord over, but Baelish intends to use the title to amass more power. The plan is to give up his job in King’s Landing and sail to the Eyrie where he will propose marriage to Lysa Arryn. To consolidate even more power, he wants to take Sansa with him. At this point in the series (season three), Sansa’s not down with the idea. Ros (remember Ros?), one of Littlefinger’s prostitutes, is secretly a spy for Varys and tells him about the plan to smuggle Sansa out from under Joffrey’s power. Varys convinces Lady Olenna to bind Loras and Sansa in marriage, which eventually leads to Tywin promising Sansa to Tyrion. Littlefinger realized Ros betrayed him and gave her to Joffrey, who killed her by crossbow.This leads to Littlefinger’s biggest scheme: the murder of Joffrey by framing Tyrion for his poisoning. The Red Wedding was a Lannister-Frey pact and had nothing to do with Baelish, but when Littlefinger sailed off to the Eyrie without Sansa so he could marry into Lordship of the Vale, he planned a gruesome wedding of his own. Partnering with Lady Olenna, Baelish snuck poison into the wedding disguised as Sansa’s necklace, then Lady Olenna made the drop. In the confusion, Sansa was spirited away onto a boat where Littlefinger was waiting. That’s where he revealed his part in Joffrey’s death. Later, Lysa exposed her poisoning of her first husband at Petyr’s request.Littlefinger went from brothel owner to Master of Coin to Lord of Harrenhal, and only had to start a war and destroy three houses (Lannister, Stark, Arryn) to make the transition. The question of what Littlefinger’s goal is after he pushes Lysa out of the Moon Door in season four is just as complex as guessing what his plan was in season one. We probably don’t know the scope of what Littlefinger has planned, but there’s no reason to believe his two core tenets have changed: He wants to amass power and he loves Catelyn Stark.Since Catelyn died at the Red Wedding some time ago, does Littlefinger’s love extend to her daughter? The fourth season kiss that Lysa Arryn viewed from afar (and led to her doom) made it seem like Littlefinger had found a replacement Stark that looked remarkably like the young Tully girl he fell in love with in his youth. However, he does give Sansa over to the Boltons in season five, which doesn’t feel like an act of love.In season six, Baelish claims that he didn’t know Ramsay was a psychopath. Yet, this is the same character who has orchestrated the majority of the non-magic conflicts on the show. His fellow schemer, Varys, often speaks of having “little birds” that feed him information, while Littlefinger causes conflict so he can benefit. It’s possible that strict intelligence on Ramsay wasn’t available, but it’s equally as possible that Littlefinger simply didn’t care. If true, the second option would disprove the idea that Petyr loves Sansa like he loves her mother, leaving the pursuit of power as Baelish’s only goal.In season five, after leaving Sansa at Winterfell with the suggestion that Stannis would either take the castle or she could take down the Boltons from the inside, Baelish returned to King’s Landing to answer Cersei’s call. When he told her about the Boltons taking Winterfell and the planned wedding between Ramsay and Sansa, Cersei told him to use the Knights of the Vale to retake Winterfell and in return he would become Warden of the North under written decree of the King.As of right now, Baelish has technically succeeded at taking Winterfell from the Boltons by using the Knights of the Vale. Sure, he’s with Sansa (which the Crown wouldn’t like) and, yes, Cersei doesn’t wield a lot of power in King’s Landing at the moment, but Littlefinger is well positioned to wrestle for control of the North no matter who ends up in power. Jaime, who was shown on the preview for episode 10, is now with the Freys at the Twins celebrating the taking of Riverrun. If Cersei can regain control of the Crown, the Riverlands and the North are both held by people who have previously pledged to her. If the Starks manage to hold Winterfell against the crown, Littlefinger has the most troops in the sparse Northern army at the moment, and the Starks would have to offer him something to keep him on their side.Winterfell might need a Lord, because Sansa is only a Stark if you don’t count her two marriages, and Jon is a bastard which gives him no right to Winterfell (unless Littlefinger knows more about what happened at the Tower of Joy with Lyanna). It was gross when he kissed Sansa because she looked like her mother, but season six Sansa — who smiles at leaving Ramsay to the dogs and doesn’t tell her brother that the Knights of the Vale are coming to help — is a character deeper into her arc. Though noble, Catelyn wasn’t perfect, and a grown Sansa has learned to be paranoid of people and guard her secrets. That sounds like a character that could pair with Littlefinger to unite the North, should King’s Landing suddenly fall into chaos.Then again, there’s a good chance all of Littlefinger’s plans to gain power are pointless. Unlike Varys and his Targaryen restoration plot, Baelish’s power lust hasn’t taken the oncoming White Walker threat into account. Baelish and his actions best illustrate how to play the long game when playing the game of thrones, but it’s too bad for him we’re moving into the Song of Ice and Fire portion of our story.last_img read more