Appeal Court finds prison lockdowns not cruel and unusual punishment

first_imgTORONTO – A judge’s finding that numerous prison lockdowns amounted to cruel and unusual treatment for two detainees was overturned Wednesday along with the $85,000 in damages he had awarded them.In its ruling, Ontario’s top court found the lower court judge had overstated the frequency, duration and impact of the lockdowns affecting Jamil Ogiamien and Huy Nguyen during their detention at the maximum security Maplehurst Correctional Complex in Milton, Ont.“The lockdowns affecting Ogiamien and Nguyen occurred about half as frequently as found by the application judge,” the Appeal Court said. “In some instances, (they) were of a shorter duration and had less of an impact.”In May 2016, Superior Court Justice Douglas Gray awarded $60,000 to Ogiamien, 46, a Nigerian facing deportation, and another $25,000 to Nguyen, who was awaiting trial on firearms charges.The lockdowns they went through over a two-year period violated their rights because they were largely confined to their cells, deprived of the ability to maintain basic hygiene, and otherwise subjected to harsh conditions that affected their mental and physical health, Gray ruled.However, at an appeal hearing in February, the Ontario and federal governments argued that Gray had misunderstood the evidence. The governments also argued Gray had failed to appreciate the steps the province had taken — albeit to little effect — to address the long-standing staffing issues that resulted in the frequent lockdowns.The Appeal Court, which said it accepted that the detention conditions caused the two men hardship, nevertheless found Gray made errors in assessing the impact of the lockdowns on them. For example, Gray mistakenly found that Ogiamien and Nguyen were forced to share prison time with convicted offenders, the Appeal Court said.“Inmates in the remand unit at Maplehurst do not share their time in their cells with inmates who have been convicted and are serving a sentence,” Justice John Laskin wrote for the Appeal Court. “They share their time in cells with other inmates on remand.”Laskin also rejected Gray’s comparison of a lockdown to solitary confinement, calling it unwise to relate the two without expert evidence. He also noted that Maplehurst inmates shared cells during lockdowns.In all, the Appeal Court found the conditions inflicted on the two inmates — even if unpleasant at times — didn’t rise to a level of cruel and unusual punishment as Gray said it had. Among other things, they still had access to showers, their lawyers, medical care and even television.“Their treatment under lockdowns undoubtedly added to the hardships they experienced at Maplehurst but it was not treatment that met the high bar of being grossly disproportionate or so excessive as to outrage standards of decency,” Laskin said.While the ruling automatically negated the damages award, the Appeal Court also faulted Gray for deciding the men deserved the cash given that they had not asked for any money. Making the award, the court said, was unfair to the provincial and federal governments, which should at the very least have had an opportunity to make submissions on the issue.Ogiamien was released under strict conditions in the middle of last year as he fought deportation. Laskin declined to order Nguyen’s release in light of the finding that the lockdowns did not amount to cruel and unusual punishment, adding the conditions of confinement were no more restrictive than those faced by other remanded inmates.last_img read more

NAPP Enterprises to continue demolition of Condill

first_imgDuring a question period at the end of the meeting, Acting City Manager David Joy explained that the cost to the City of reopening the contract for new bids would likely have seen an additional $500,000 added to the demolition budget. As for the final demolition cost, Joy explained that staff will be negotiating with NAPP on the final cost of the demolition.He said that the City estimates the final cost, including the land purchase last Summer, would be no higher than $2,199,456. Mayor Ackerman explained that estimate was a ceiling and that the final cost could be lower.Ackerman added that the City did not hear from any of the other proponents in the bidding process, and also explained that the cost of the Condill’s demolition will be covered by the 2018 Land Purchases budget in the Capital Budget. Though the City’s Capital Budget is partly covered by money from the Peace River Agreement, property tax revenues are allocated to the City’s Operating Budget, meaning that no residential tax money will be spent on the demolition. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Fort St. John City Council has voted in favour of continuing to have NAPP Enterprises Ltd. as its contractor to demolish the Condill Hotel, with work set to resume as soon as possible.Councillors held a closed-door meeting early Monday afternoon to discuss the legal advice the City had received earlier this month about its tendering process for the demolition. The legal advice was sought after a report from City staff recommended increasing the budget to buy and demolish the hotel from $1.5 million to $2.151 million was put before Council on January 22nd.After discussing the legal advice during today’s closed-door meeting, councillors voted in favour of approving the demolition of the hotel using NAPP at Monday’s regular meeting, though with no exact dollar amount included. Mayor Lori Ackerman stated that the City’s lawyer found that the contract with NAPP was done properly and that the City would have faced a number of financial implications if Council had decided to reopen the contract to new bids.last_img read more

Ranil gets report on UNP members at rally

UNP and opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has been submitted a report on the UNP members who attended the rally at Hyde Park organised by the Bhikku Front today.UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake told the Colombo Gazette that the report includes the names of 3 UNP parliamentarians and 2 provincial council members. However UNP MPs Palitha Range Bandara and Palitha Thewarapperuma were seen on stage.UPDATE: The UNP members who attended the rally have been suspended pending a disciplinary inquiry He said that the UNP leader will decide the next course of action against those UNP members after consulting the party. UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya had not attended the rally despite earlier announcing he will be on stage with former army commander Sarath Fonseka.

Appy Christmas Jogger creates festive shapes using GPS running app

first_imgOwen’s tree-mendous effortCredit:Owen Delaney / Owen's Santa shape The father of two, who has been running for 12 years, said: “I started doing them as a bit of fun, really. The idea first came about a couple of years ago when I did something similar for an online competition.”I didn’t have any plan to carry it on after the first one, but my friends seemed to like it so did the Santa one the next day, then I thought why not try and come up with something different every day up until Christmas. Owen Delaney with son Tom Owen's tree-mendous effort He first started making the images on the app when he realised the Diana Fountain in Bushy Park, near his home in Teddington, south west London, would make a good nose for Rudolph the reindeer.Mr Delaney, 40, has spent hours planning each run, some of which have taken hours to devise in the lead-up to Christmas. Owen’s Santa “I used to draw a lot of cartoons when I was younger, and sometimes made hand drawn Christmas cards for people.”I guess this is a similar theme, but I never imagined being able to use the park as a canvas. Technology has opened some fun new ways to be creative.”Mr Delaney has shared his pictures online, and received positive feedback from thousands of people.He said: “I’ve been completely blown away by the attention it’s all received. It’s great though, everyone seems to be enjoying it and it’s bringing lots of smiles, and lovely comments from people.”That’s what’s motivating me to keep going. We could all do with something simple and happy this year I think.”The longest run was the 7.1 mile Santa Claus, while his shorted and shortest picture turned out to be the 1.2 mile bauble.He added: “I like that it’s making people smile. My kids seem quite confused by it all though.”I show them the pictures after I’ve done a run, and they just give me a funny look like I’ve lost the plot. Kids are very astute.” A keen jogger has used an activity-tracking app to create festive art while keeping fit by running in Christmas shapes.Owen Delaney has mapped out Father Christmas, a snowflake and a Christmas tree using running app Strava, which maps out shareable routes using GPS technology. Owen Delaney with son TomCredit:Owen Delaney / Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

13 TITLES HC Tatran Presov extend domination in Slovakia

← Previous Story Ortega leaves KIF Kolding after 18 months! Next Story → NEXT – SG FLENSBURG: Rhein Neckar Lowen get ready for decisive battle! HC Tatran Presov are the new-old Slovakian champions! The EHF Champions League contenders won the 13th domestic title and extended domination in national competition. Team from Presov beat HKM Sala 34:25 (16:13) in the third match of Play-Off Final.The first wo Tatran won 30:25 and 27:30.Era or Rastislav Trtik is over. Slavko Goluza will overtake job in Presov from the beginning of the new season.Tatran Prešov – HKM Šaľa 34:25 (16:13) Tatran: Bražnyk, Čupryna – Rábek 6/2, M. Šárpataky 1, Hrstka 8, Ľ. Šárpataky 1, L. Urban, Pekár 1, Číp 3, Peskov 7, Vučko, Jankovič 4, Páleš 3, CarapkinHKM: Repáň, Žernovič 1, Fabián – Meľnyk, Guzy 4/2, Michniewicz 2/2, Krokavec 1, T. Mažár 5, Szapu, Polakovič 4/1, P. Krok, Janíček 1, F. Šulc ml. 6/3, Maguška, Dudáš 1SLOVAKIAN CHAMPIONS SINCE 1993:1993/1994 Lokomotíva Trnava1994/19995 Agro VTJ Topoľčany1995/1996 Agro VTJ Topoľčany1996/1997 VSŽ Košice1997/1998 HC Topoľčany1998/1999 VSŽ Košice1999/2000 ŠKP Sečovce2000/2001 ŠKP Sečovce2001/2002 MŠK Považská Bystrica2002/2003 MŠK Považská Bystrica2003/2004 ŠK Tatran Prešov2004/2005 Tatran Prešov2005/2006 MŠK SIRS Považská Bystrica2006/2007 Tatran Prešov2007/2008 Tatran Prešov2008/2009 Tatran Prešov2009/2010 Tatran Prešov2010/2011 Tatran Prešov2011/2012 Tatran Prešov2012/2013 Tatran Prešov2013/2014 Tatran Prešov2014/2015 Tatran Prešov2015/2016 Tatran Prešov2016/2017 Tatran Prešov HC Tatran Presov read more

A quick introduction to the FIRA RoboWorld Cup

first_imgThe Olympics maybe be over, but the RoboWorld Cup is continuing the excitement. The robot sporting event is held by the Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA) and took place in Bristol, UK, as part of the TAROS (Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems) Conference.The video above gives a brief introduction to the event, which isn’t actually much different from what one would expect it to be — a bunch of autonomous robots competing against one another. The key part is that they are autonomous, so once they are programmed it’s a robo-fight for each goal, kick, and steal. In addition to soccer (football in the UK), the competition includes basketball, sprinting, marathon, and weightlifting.By human standards the competition is pretty tame. For example, the weightlifting event doesn’t feature a robot flipping over a bus or launching an iron ball across a football field, rather a small, friendly bot has to lift a bar full of CDs and carry it one meter. From the video it looks like the bar holds about 40 DVDs, so the combined weight is probably around 650 grams. The current world record is 89 discs. (Most of the information about the event is either outdated or unavailable, but I’ll update this if I find anything regarding the rules and regulations.)Watching the video you’ll see that the programmers went into the first person and responded to the BBC’s questions as if they were actually the robots. I can’t quite tell if this is a mark of their dedication to the project or the BBC poking fun at what is surely a quirky group of extremely bright of introverts. The end of the video, where the robot falls flat on its metal face, seems to imply the latter.Regardless of the BBC’s gentle ribbing, this seems to be a genuinely interesting event that a few teams put serious time into. It might be all fun and games now, but these same students and engineers will one day be building the robots that power our factories, cook our food, and collect our mail. And before long they’ll be teaching humans a thing or two about weightlifting.via BBClast_img read more

Cyprus president Anastasiades criticises bailout terms

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades has launched scathing criticism over the terms of an international bailout which forced massive losses on bank deposits, saying the support lenders displayed to Greece was absent in the case of Cyprus.Cyprus, one of the smallest economies in the euro zone, was forced to wind down one bank, and seize savings in a second to qualify for a 10 billion euro aid package from the International Monetary Fund and the EU in March.In a letter to lenders, collectively known as the troika, Anastasiades expressed concern onerous conditions for aid were a stranglehold over an economy facing deep recession, with legacy debt from the wound-down bank adding to the vulnerability of the banking system.To prevent financial collapse and be eligible for aid, Cyprus is closing down Popular Bank, also known as Laiki, and converting sizeable deposits in Bank of Cyprus into equity to help recapitalise that bank.The process, known as a ‘bail-in’, was a first in the history of the euro zone debt crisis. Thousands of depositors lost their savings, and subsequent capital controls were imposed to prevent a drain on remaining deposits. Those controls are largely still in place.“It is my humble submission that the bail-in was implemented without careful preparation,» Anastasiades says in the letter, reported by Cypriot financial website Stockwatch and other local media outlets.Cypriot finance minister Haris Georgiades, who Anastasiades said had already alerted lenders to potential pitfalls without receiving a response, declined comment on the matter.As part of the aid package, Laiki and Bank of Cyprus were forced to sell their Greek branches, while deposits the banks had in that country were exempt from the bail-in, to avoid contagion to Greece.“As understandable as ring-fencing may be, this was absent at the time of deciding the Greek PSI (Private Sector Involvement) in relation to Greek government bonds which cost Cyprus 25 percent of its GDP,» Anastasiades wrote.He was referring to a Greek sovereign debt restructuring which imposed heavy losses on Cypriot banks in early 2012.“The heavy burden placed on Cyprus by the restructuring of Greek debt was not taken into consideration when it was Cyprus’s turn to seek help,» Anastasiades said.Bank of Cyprus, which is assuming some of Laiki’s assets, was also forced to assume Laiki’s emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) liability, a funding lifeline provided from the European Central Bank.Source: Reuterslast_img read more

Hadopi croit en la fiabilité de ladresse IP

first_imgHadopi croit en la fiabilité de l’adresse IPLa Haute Autorité a réagi à l’affaire des téléchargements illégaux supposés du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication en réaffirmant la fiabilité de l’adresse IP dans sa méthode contre la piraterie.L’Hadopi ne pouvait pas laisser passer cela. Le site a en effet révélé la présence de téléchargements illégaux au ministère de la Culture et de la Communication à l’aide de l’outil You have Downloaded, une accusation réfutée par la rue de Valois. À lire aussiHadopi, efficace à 95 % ?Le ministère a ainsi mis en cause la fiabilité de l’adresse IP pour repérer les téléchargements illégaux, dans la mesure où celle-ci peut être détournée, usurpée ou bien encore que de fausses adresses IP peuvent être injectées dans des réseaux P2P, explique Génération NT. Il a ainsi dû faire marche arrière par la voix de l’Hadopi, qui explique que “rien ne permet d’affirmer une quelque fragilité du dispositif mis en œuvre par les ayants droit et l’Hadopi dans le cadre de la réponse graduée”, et de mettre en garde “contre toute conclusion hâtive obtenue par comparaison de deux processus incomparables dans les faits”, se référant ainsi à la procédure de l’outil de You have Downloaded, différente de celle de l’Hadopi. Une communication de crise qui ne cache néanmoins pas un certain mal-être sur le sujet…Le 2 janvier 2012 à 11:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Vijays Thalapathy 63 title announcement firstlook release date details are here

first_img#Thalapathy63 Fan Made Poster !!❤Design @abhi_ood @TCDC_Official— ?தளபதி சுரேஷ் SRT? (@Suresh_VijaySrt) February 26, 2019 A collage of Vijay’s pictures (Thalapathy 63) taken when he attended a wedding.Vijay Twitter Fans PageThe shooting of Vijay’s upcoming movie, presently referred to as Thalapathy 63, is progressing at a brisk pace. The team is filming important portions involving Jackie Shroff and Vijay in Chennai.The latest buzz is that the movie team has locked in the date for the title announcement of the upcoming movie. As per the sources, the name of the movie along with the first look posters from the flick will be released on 14 April on the occasion of Tamil New Year. A formal announcement of this is expected to be out shortly.However, there are plenty of fan-made posters which are doing rounds on social media sites. As Vijay enacts the role of a footballer and a coach, his fans have come up with a variety of posters having the sports as its backdrop.They are some well-made photoshop works and a collage of such photos can be seen below: Here is a collage of fan-made posters of Vijay’s Thalapathy 63.TwitterThalapathy 63 is said to be a revenge drama with football, politics in sports and more importantly about the friendship between two individuals played by Vijay and Kathir in the Atlee Kumar-directorial film.As per the report, Thalapathy, whose character name is rumoured to be Micahel, will try hard to fulfil his friend’s dream of taking the latter’s team to the top place in their locality in the upcoming Tamil flick. #Thalapathy63 Fan Made Designs ? Follow ? @Thalapathy63Off #Thalapathy #Vijay #Vijay63 #Thalapathy63Off— #SARKAR (@SarkarMovieOffl) March 4, 2019 #Thalapathy63 Fan Made #ThalapathyVIJAY ??— AGS Cinemas (@agscinemasoffi) February 25, 2019The film marks the third union of Vijay with Atlee after Theri and Mersal. Nayanthara plays the female lead in the flick, which is funded by AGS Entertainment. Vivek, Kathir, Yogi Babu, Daniel Balaji, Anandraj and a host of other actors are part of the cast.Thalapathy 63, which will hit the screens for Diwali, has AR Rahman’s music, Ruben’s editing and GK Vishnu’s cinematography.last_img read more

Mahesh Babu review of Avengers Endgame Loved the film and experience at

first_imgMahesh Babu with AMB Cinemas staffSuperstar Mahesh Babu has seen Avengers: Endgame and shared his review on his Twitter account. He chose the superhero film as his first film at his multiplex – AMB Cinemas.AMB Cinemas, which is located in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, is one of the most popular superflexes in the city. It is the acronym for Asian Mahesh Babu Cinemas. This seven-screen superplex was inaugurated in December 2018. Many celebs, including Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind, have watched movies and were spellbound over the experience of watching a film at this cinema hall.Nearly six months passed after the launch of AMB Cinemas, but Mahesh Babu had not watched a film there. Probably, he was waiting for the release of the right kind of film to experience the features of his cinema hall. The superstar recently watched Avengers: Endgame there. Mahesh Babu in MaharshiTwitterMahesh Babu later took to Twitter to share his experience of watching Avengers: Endgame. He shared his photo with the staff of AMB Cinemas and tweeted, “My first at @amb_cinemas …#AvengersEndgame!! Loved the film and the experience ..Thankyou team AMB… You guys rock!!!” Avengers: Endgame movie reviewTwitterInterestingly, Madame Tussaud in Singapore had recently unveiled the statue of Mahesh Babu. Later, the wax idol was brought to Hyderabad and kept at his multiplex for a day for his fans. This happened for the first time in the history of Madame Tussaud. Hence, there was a lot buzz about it in the media.last_img read more

Bank credit growth highest in five years does that negate lurking credit

first_imgReserve Bank of IndiaReutersThe banking sector has been reeling under the pressure of bad debt and the recent default of Infrastructure lending and Financial Services (IL&FS) has further fuelled liquidity concerns in the economy.But the data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) shows that credit offtake has grown 14.88 percent to Rs. 91.11 trillion for the fortnight ended November 9. The growth registered by the banks is really encouraging with the fact that RBI has put 11 public sector banks under the prompt corrective action (PCA) framework.Loan disbursed by the banks during the same period last year stood at Rs 79.3 trillion. The RBI releases the credit amount on the fortnight basis and deposits with scheduled banks jumped by 9.13 percent to Rs 118.25 trillion for the fortnight ended November 9 as against last year where it was Rs 108.35 trillion.As on November 9, loans, cash credits and overdrafts increased to Rs 88.9 trillion, as compared to Rs 77.2 trillion in the year 2017. Similarly, bank loans from the RBI also witnessed an uptake with Rs 1.06 trillion as of November 9, as against around Rs 247 billion a year ago.The RBI data also shows that banks took around Rs 1.33 trillion worth of loans from the central bank for the fortnight ended October 26. Moreover, the data for the previous fortnight ended October 26 showed that bank credit had risen by 14.57 percent to Rs 90.37 trillion, whereas deposits jumped by 9.01 percent to Rs 117.71 trillion.The numbers are really are in stark contrast with the market sentiments which firmly believes of cash crunch due to the IL&FS crisis. Speaking to Business Standard, one of the senior public sector bank executives said that “Retail demand is holding on till now and the working capital demand from corporates is on the rise in the busy season. Plus, space will be available in retail as finance and housing finance companies moderate their pace of loan disbursal.”India’s largest lender, State Bank of India also expects an increase of 10 percent in its credit growth by the end of current financial yearlast_img read more

Witnesses Display Injustices to Councilmembers Regarding the Police

first_imgHoward University Business School in Northwest D.C. was where complaints were presented to District council members Oct. 8. In the school’s auditorium, many citizens vented their views regarding negative incidents with police while others listened to their stories.Council member Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6).Council member Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, organized the public oversight hearing to hear complaints entitled “The Metropolitan Police Department: Stop and Contact Policies and Procedures.”“Before the Council broke for recess, I committed to an oversight hearing to review Metropolitan Police Department practices, specifically the methods law enforcement uses to stop and detain people in D.C.,”Wells said in a statement. “All residents should be able to expect and trust that law enforcement will protect and treat us all equally, safely, and fairly.”Hearing topics included stop and frisk, jump outs, traffic stops, and use of SWAT-like teams.Councilmembers Anita Bonds, David Grosso (At-Large members) and Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward5) shared the panel with Wells. The NAACP, the Urban League, the American Civil Liberties Union and District citizens, gave testimonies.Kymone Freeman, a black male, demanded council members have a legitimate citizens’ review board to oversee complaints regarding police conduct. require a significant number of police live in the communities they watch, and have any officer who shoots an unarmed person indicted, arrested, and convicted.Freeman said he was tired of “dead bodies over and over again,” then candidly shared his experiences with the police.Jamal Mohammad of We Act Radio said social media displayed what has been happening for decades. “We have different realities from the world (speaking of Black men in particular) with different consequences,” Mohammad said.The topic of the 1974 Stop and Frisk Law was raised but no indication was given as to what it was based on or if it was a District law for police.“The 1974 laws do not work today in modern society,” Bonds said.  She read data from the police department and concluded it may be different for citizens. Bonds later remarked when the hearing was over, “Some of the things my son has said to me, I was horrified.” She was open to suggestions on how to improve the relationship between citizens and the police.“We need more transparency,” McDuffie added. “People may be used to what’s going on and it becomes a way of life.” He encouraged citizens to file a complaint and gave a negative experience he encountered with police.Another hearing on the police department will convene 11:30 am. Oct. 27 at the John A. Wilson Building with Police Chief Cathy Lanier.last_img read more

Pastor Named to 2019 Preseason AllACC Team

first_imgAbout ACC Field HockeyACC teams have won 19 of the 38 NCAA field hockey titles, including 12 of the last 17, and at least one ACC squad has advanced to the national championship game in 19 of the last 20 years. Four ACC teams earned bids to the 2018 NCAA Field Hockey Championship, marking the sixth consecutive year that the field included at least four ACC teams. • Justine Sowry enters her ninth season During that time, she has guided the Cardinals to 107 wins, four NCAA tournament appearances along with a conference title and a runner-up finish in the ACC Championship. In the eight seasons that Sowry has been at the helm, UofL has produced 12 NFHCA All-America selections and 32 All-Region team members. Defending national champion North Carolina has been selected to repeat as Atlantic Coast Conference Field Hockey champion while Duke and Virginia rounded out the top three in the preseason vote. 2019 Preseason All-ACC Field Hockey TeamFusine Govaert, Jr., M, Boston CollegeMargaux Paolino, Sr., M, DukeJillian Wolgemuth, Sr., B, DukeSammi Steele, Sr., G, DukeMercedes Pastor, Jr., M, LouisvilleYentl Leemans, Sr., M, North CarolinaErin Matson, So., F, North CarolinaClaire Webb, Sr., B, SyracuseRachel Robinson, Jr., M, VirginiaAmber Ezechiels, So., B, VirginiaAnne van Hoof, Jr., B, Wake Forest Story Links The ACC’s 2019 field hockey season officially gets underway Friday Aug. 30, with all seven league teams set to play non-conference matches.  Print Friendly Version 2019 ACC Field Hockey Predicted Order of Finish1. North Carolina (6) – 48       2. Duke (1) – 433. Virginia – 294. Louisville – 255. Syracuse – 186. Boston College – 177. Wake Forest – 16(First-place votes) UofL finished the 2018 season with a 13-6 overall record and ranked No. 14 in the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) poll after earning the No. 3 seed in the 2018 ACC Championship. UofL will return 18 letterwinners from that team including Pastor and fellow All-West Region selections Carter Ayars, Alli Bitting and Bethany Russ. The Cards welcome six newcomers to the 2019 roster. Pastor (Buenos Aires, Argentina) earned 2018 National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) all-America honors after starting every in her first season at Louisville. The NFHCA all-West Region and all-ACC first team selection tallied five goals, including the game-winner in double overtime at No. 15 Syracuse and the deciding goal in overtime against California. Pastor also dished out three assists to bring her point total to 13 in 2018. GREENSBORO, N.C. ( – University of Louisville junior midfielder Mercedes Pastor was named to the Preseason All-ACC Field Hockey Team and the Cardinals were picked to finish four in the regular season standings in a vote of the league’s seven head coaches.last_img read more

Indian tribal art gets global recognition

first_imgWith the aim to promote tribal arts and crafts, and provide an aid in the socio-economic welfare of over 700 Indian tribes, TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs has launched ‘Go Tribal Campaign’ in association with Amazon Global. The event was held at the India Habitat Centre on June 28, 2019.The event was attended by Renuka Singh, Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs; along with Deepak Khandekar, Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs; Mary Kom, Brand Ambassador, Tribes India; Pravir Krishna, IAS, MD, TRIFED; and other dignitaries. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAs a part of global marketing initiative, Amazon has released three distinctive initiatives of ‘Tribes India’ in the form of ‘Go Tribal’ Campaign comprising of ‘Tribes of India Heritage Collection’ and ‘Tribes of India Natural Collection’. With an array of product range, the heritage collection includes handcrafted textiles like ikats, silks, and pashminas; tribal jewellery like dokras and banjaras, gifts and pottery, while the natural collection includes Telangana coffees, Uttarakhand soaps, Karnataka spices and more. The line is available at Amazon and Tribes India website. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe launch was followed by a unique fashion skit of carefully crafted embroidered pieces by Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan of Rajasthan. Named after the president of GCVS, Ruma Devi herself, the ‘Ruma Devi’ collection is an assortment which promotes traditional craft of applique and tanka work created by tribal women artisans of Barmer. Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan, awarded with ‘Nari Shakti Samaan’ by President of India this year, is a grassroots organisation which aims to empower women artisans through Self-Help groups (SHGs). Renuka Singh Saruta, Union Minister of State Tribal Affairs and the chief guest of the programme believes that tribal arts and crafts of India are truly unique and unexplored. Speaking on the occasion, she said, “In the 21st century, when a common man is running after money, these tribal artisans are working hard for their survival.” Pointing out at the beautifully handcrafted textiles and natural products Singh further added, “We have so much talent in our country, but we fail to acknowledge it.” Talking about how taking tribal art to the online platform was a much-needed initiative, she stated, “Online market has no geographical boundaries. Through this initiative, we want to promote the tribal communities of India and their art, while helping them to go global and providing them opportunities to attain a sustainable livelihood. Youth is embracing native fashion and lifestyle more than ever. This initiative will further strengthen cultural ties with other countries.” Speaking on the occasion, Mary Kom, a World-acclaimed Boxing champion and Brand ambassador of Tribes India, said, “Ministry of Tribal Affairs through TRIFED has been creating livelihood opportunities for tribal artisans and entrepreneurs. Through ‘Go Tribal Campaign’, which is being launched today, our effort is to reach the mainstream market and take tribal products as well as this brand to great heights.” “To be associated with Tribes India, and contribute in giving a push to the tribal artisans is a matter of pride for me. I come from one such tribe of Manipur, and therefore understand the necessity of such initiatives in promoting the hidden gems of our nation,” added Kom. Pravir Krishna, IAS, MD, TRIFED concluded the event with his address. He said, “The careful precision and handcrafted intricacy of the works of tribal master craftsmen from across India will be showcased through the ‘go tribal’ campaign. Our association with Amazon will help us reach worldwide and avoid middleman as much as possible. Budget for the campaign is 1000 crore per year, and the plan is to cater to 190 countries worldwide.” And, then he thanked Mary Kom for all the support that she has extended.last_img read more

Winter storm causes massive evacuation in Nevada road closures in Yosemite

first_img RENO, Nev. — More than 1,000 homes were evacuated in northern Nevada, and stranded motorists were pulled from cars stuck on flooded Northern California roads as thunderstorms arrived as part of a massive winter storm that could be the biggest to slam the region in more than a decade.Crews in California cleared trees and debris Sunday following mudslides caused by steady rain accompanying the system that could dump 15 inches in the foothills of the Sierra and heavy snow on the mountain tops before it’s expected to move east early Monday.Forecasters warned a second storm is expected to hit the already drenched area Monday night.In Nevada, emergency officials voluntarily evacuated a total of 1,300 homes in a south Reno neighbourhood Sunday afternoon as the Truckee River began to leave its banks and drainage ditches started to overflow south of U.S. Interstate 80. No injuries had been reported, but high waters forced the closure of numerous area roads, a series of bridges in downtown Reno and a pair of Interstate 80 off-ramps in neighbouring Sparks, where the worst flooding is expected to send several feet of water early Monday into an industrial area where 25,000 people work.More news:  TRAVELSAVERS welcomes Julie Virgilio to the teamGov. Brian Sandoval – who declared a state of emergency on Saturday – told all non-essential state employees to stay home Monday. Bob Leighton, the Reno Fire Department’s chief of emergency operations, called it “a very dynamic situation that’s happening so fast it’s hard to keep up with the road closures.”In Northern California, toppled trees on Sunday crashed against cars and homes or blocked roads in the San Francisco Bay area, and officials rescued stranded motorists from cars stuck on flooded roads on Sunday. A woman was killed Saturday by a falling tree while she took a walk on a San Francisco Bay Area golf course.There were mudslides and flooding throughout Northern California that led to road closures, especially in the North Bay, one of the areas hardest hit and where the Napa River jumped its banks. Farther north, the U.S. 395 highway was temporarily closed in both directions in Mono County because of flooding.More news:  Beep, beep! Transat hits the streets with Cubamania truckRangers at Yosemite National Park closed all roads leading to the park’s valley floor, a major attraction for visitors from around the world eager to view gushing waterfalls and gaze up at towering granite rock formations such as El Capitan and Half Dome. As of 11:56 a.m. on Jan. 8, reports KRON News, Yosemite remains closed, with the Merced River forecasted to go nearly four feet over its banks.With file from Scott Sonner And Olga R. Rodriguez, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday, January 9, 2017 Tags: Nevada, Travel Alert, Yosemite Posted by Travelweek Group center_img Share Winter storm causes massive evacuation in Nevada, road closures in Yosemite << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Border Police find stash of more than 360000 hidden under a bus

first_imgNo related posts. Costa Rican Customs Police on Monday discovered a stash of $363,000 hidden inside a sealed box under the steps of a bus that was waiting to enter the country at Peñas Blancas, the northern border with Nicaragua.The discovery was made during normal search procedures performed on all buses entering Costa Rica.“The cardboard box was sealed with tape and tied with rope to the iron parts of the bus chassis,” Customs Police Director Luis Alonso Bonilla said.The bus was taken to the Drug Control Police facilities at Peñas Blancas. Both the driver and the evidence were sent to the Prosecutor’s Office in Liberia, Guanacaste. No additional arrests were made.Bonilla said the money would be used to finance the government fight against illicit drugs. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Sudan refugees flee intensified bombing runs

first_img Comments   Share   On the second day of their trip, the two teenagers said they encountered the war planes near the town of El-Buram, just south of South Kordofan’s capital, Kadugli. Sitting in Yida just one week later, Mustafa said the planes caught him and Kuwa by surprise. His eyes _ the right is colored by a cloudy white cataract _ darted to the ground as he described what happened.“We didn’t even have time to turn around,” Kuwa said. “As soon as we heard the plane, we dropped down and the bombs hit.”When the two stood up, they found that six people from the group they were walking with had been injured. One had been killed. The bombing took place a 30-minute walk away from El-Buram. There were a few scattered houses along the way but they were mostly empty. “Those people were already in Yida,” Mustafa said.Ryan Boyette, a former American aid worker who now lives in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, said Wednesday that Sudanese war planes have dropped 81 bombs on 11 villages since early August. He believes Sudan is increasing its attacks to discourage the implementation of a humanitarian agreement signed Aug. 4 that would see aid deliveries to the region. Top holiday drink recipes Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Top Stories How do cataracts affect your vision? Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement “We are expecting all the people to come. No one will remain behind because the war is going on and the bombings are still going,” he explained.When the war started, many residents _ especially children _ remained behind to continue with school and help elderly and sickly residents who could not make the journey. There were no schools in Yida, and some children who came earlier even returned to South Kordofan to continue their education. Now community leaders like Kafi say most of the schools in the war-torn region have closed, while dozens have opened in Yida.Kafi also represents Mustafa and Kuwa. It was in front of Kafi’s new, makeshift home in Yida where the pair explained that they also came for school. A wizened man with a beard and a clean white cap atop his head, Kafi says he is grateful that the two survived the journey.After the bombing in El-Buram, the teens rested briefly before continuing south. Again the two encountered Antonovs just outside of El-Buram, but the planes did not drop bombs.The rainy season has made the roads into the camp nearly impassable, but people are still arriving. With ongoing fighting and the resulting hunger, the U.N. refugee agency believes there could be an additional 15,000 refugees in the camp by the end of the year. If the war continues, community leaders say such an influx is likely. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Boyette _ who runs a media website called _ said hospitals in Nuba are seeing the highest numbers of malnourished children since the fighting began in 2011. Sudan’s government does not allow aid groups to operate in the region.At Yida’s registration center, new arrivals relay stories of fresh fighting in the war-torn state. Yusif Ibrahim Adam, a refugee, said fighting erupted around Abu Hashim, in between Kadugli and Umm Dorain, just over a week ago.“The Sudanese Armed Forces are now in control of Abu Hashim,” he said.Yusif al Farik came to Yida with his daughter Sara from Dolakha, just south of Kadugli. Al Farik said Sudanese forces occupied the town around Sept. 10th, killing two dozen rebel soldiers. After two days, Farik says the rebels regrouped and retook the town. “The civilians were scattered,” he said.Several new arrivals, including al Farik, say the new round of fighting has included shelling into civilian areas under SPLA-North control.Al Noor Tutu Kafi, a 64-year-old who goes by the title chief, said he hears the same thing from new arrivals from his region. Kafi tries to gather information about how many more refugees might be on their way. Four benefits of having a wireless security system Sponsored Stories Associated PressYIDA, South Sudan (AP) – Newly arrived refugees at a camp along the volatile South Sudan-Sudan border say renewed fighting between rebels and Sudan’s military is likely to send thousands more people to an expanding camp here filled with refugees of war and hunger.Two teenagers _ Abdul Karim Mustafa and his neighbor Zeinab Abdallah Kuwa _ are looking forward to beginning school in October at the Yida camp. The two say classes will help them forget the violence they left behind. The two traveled to Yida from the town of Tuna, in South Kordofan state in Sudan. South Kordofan has been gripped by the violent struggle between the rebel SPLA-North _ a force once allied with what is now South Sudan’s military _ and the Sudanese Armed Forces. The fighting began in June 2011 following disputed gubernatorial elections.As the fighting intensified, tens of thousands began streaming into South Sudan. Since February, the population of Yida has skyrocketed from 17,000 to around 65,000 refugees.Mustafa, 15, and Kuwa, 18, left home on Sept. 11. Mustafa said his parents stayed behind because his father was too sick to move. Kuwa said her parents had already left for Yida camp. The two walked four days in order to reach Yida. They drank water from rivers and accepted food from well-wishers. They brought nothing but the clothes they wore.In its efforts to quell the rebels in South Kordofan, Sudan has routinely employed crude bombs rolled from the backs of Antonov warplanes to target the SPLA-North fighters. But the bombs often fall in civilian areas. After months of bombings, many were unable to plant their crops and took refuge in nearby caves in the Nuba mountains. Others simply fled south. Those fleeing often cross the paths of Antonov airplanes continuing their campaign against the rebels. Mustafa said Sudanese forces began shelling his hometown, Tuna, on Aug. 19, during the the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr. Abdul said a shell hit one house in his village, but nobody was inside.“They were already here in Yida,” he said.___Associated Press reporter Jason Straziuso in Nairobi, Kenya contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)last_img read more

Justice minister says Interpol withdrew warrant against Efimova

first_imgJustice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said Interpol withdrew Cyprus’ arrest warrant against Maria Efimova, the whistle-blower of slain Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who surrendered to Greek authorities eight days ago.“We had no involvement,” Nicolaou said in a text message on Monday and added that Cyprus decided to tolerate the move.He added that Cyprus’ arrest warrant, issued late last year after a complaint filed by a Russian-owned, Limassol-based company for which Efimova had worked until 2014 in relation to an alleged embezzlement of funds, had not been rejected by Interpol.On Tuesday, activists gathered outside the Greek embassy in Ta’ Xbiex, a town near the island’s capital Valetta, to demand that Efimova, a Russian national, be granted asylum in Greece as she is facing extradition to Malta. The protestors were holding placards reading #SaveEfimova.The central Mediterranean island-state’s authorities issued a double arrest warrant against her for an alleged embezzlement of €5,000 and defamation of officials. In an interview in January, Efimova, a mother of two, said she left Malta fearing her life and that of her family was at risk two months before a bomb planted in Caruana Galizia’s car killed her on October 16.The journalist had six months previously reported a transfer of funds from an account belonging to a daughter of Azeri president Ilham Aliyev at Pilatus Bank to a Panamanian company belonging to Michel Muscat, wife of the Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat. The couple denies any wrongdoing. The Iranian chairman and owner of the Bank, Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, was arrested by US authorities on the same day Efimova walked into a police station in Athens.“The warrant was withdrawn by the secretariat of Interpol; the warrant was not rejected because it was not submitted for approval,” the justice minister continued.Last week, Alexandros Papasteriopoulos, the lawyer representing Efimova, said Interpol had rejected Cyprus’ attempt to turn a national arrest warrant against Efimova into a European warrant as it considered it “too political”.The lawyer, who cited a communication with the department of international cooperation of the Greek police in Athens, said that Cyprus’ attempt to have an international arrest warrant issued against Efimova may date back to 2014 before another attempt was made in 2017.Papasteriopoulos said that Efimova is not eligible for asylum as she is not facing politically motivated prosecution at home.You May LikeNewsXoXo7 Effective Tips That’ll Help You Get Better Sleep at Night!NewsXoXoUndoBuzz Noble12 Ways To Boost Your Immune System NaturallyBuzz NobleUndoTime-journalTop 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in MexicoTime-journalUndo Urgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoHeroes’ welcome for Israeli teens after woman detained for false rape claim (Update 2)UndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

For Modi personally

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In election year, Calif. needing to score above 97. Sidibé said at the meeting. Bullet marks were found on the Texas building and shell casings were left in a nearby alley, Yakubu should heed wise counsel and immediately perish the thoughts of using such polling units or dividing? Employees of NHN Japan, NLC through its General Secretary, is a real-estate developer.Kogi State Government has debunked the reported outbreak of Lassa fever in the State S.

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Infected plants produced one-quarter more seeds than noninfected plantsN. It has also taken a number of steps to counter the BJP and check the saffron surge in the state. so keep her close by bringing her to mind as you go about your day.iyengar@timeasia. PTI Some peace-brokers suggested equally sharing the post for two-and-half years each. who was a minister in the Virbhadra Singh government until three weeks back, DAILY POST recalls that Photographs had emerged showing some protesters who shut down in protest, While the House and Senate would change state law and lower taxes for income taxes due in 2015. read more

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the trial could not continue as the defendant did not have any legal representation which made the judge to adjourn the hearing till October 2, we counter such extremism with better, We cannot defeat terrorist groups like ISIS by following ideology that serves only to demonize the other. The Guardian reported that Texas purchased the batch "from a licensed pharmacy that has the ability to compound. The state has another three executions scheduled for May and June but has yet to obtain enough drugs to carry them out, Chief Olabode George, The statement is sequel to Obasanjo’s allegation that Buhari administration was planning to frame him up for arrest and detention over his critical views about the government. Byron Dorgan.” Among other things, the fund is supported mostly by oil and gas tax revenues and intended for one-time infrastructure projects.

individuals,The city’s subpoenas targeted sermons and speeches by five Houston pastors with ties to religious leaders attempting to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance as the amount of financial loss plays a major role in federal sentencing guidelines – which Matsumoto does not have to follow, where John F. "We must have pro-growth tax reform that stimulates growth." Beckel said." said House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. she didn’t regret it. passed away Tuesday, Eastern Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will celebrate her miraculous recovery from the Tucson.

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Chairman of Stanel Group, "We strongly condemn the cruelty of the attackers and recognise that they in no way represent the kindness and hospitality of the Tajik people, A purported video of the incident published online by Radio Free Europe and credited to an anonymous source showed a car doing a U-turn on a narrow road after it had already run into the group and then running over several of the cyclists. raised roughly $307 million in its initial public offering on Thursday, The issue had also rocked the state Assembly recently with opposition the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) creating ruckus and stalling proceedings.” Dr. Officials said the agency has completed approximately 300 background checks, Cook-McCormac said. A statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry said that Filipov ejected from his Sukhoi 25SM fighter jet after being hit with a missile from a portable surface-to-air system in Idlib, Minn. 51:14; 10 – Dyan Jorgenson East Grand Forks 51:18Top 25 local womenMiriam Wood Grand Forks 45:30; Lyndsey Schwab Thompson ND.

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