Rappers Robin Hood Project Touches Lives Around the World

first_imgRapper The Game has launched a challenge for himself: to make the world a better place.He has promised to give away $1 million dollars before Christmas, and not in one quick and easy lump. He is raising his awareness of others, observing the world around him and looking for people in need as he goes about his daily life.He has called his challenge “The Robin Hood Project”, and created an Instagram account where fans can follow it’s development.He explains why he has chosen to undertake such an ambitious project there:“The other day I posted this pic of an African child I met in Australia playing outside the grocery store. His story of his families hardships & struggles to get away from the terror they left behind touched me so I gave him what I had on me… Which was an Australian $20 bill. As the days passed, I thought about him over & over & over & the only thing that bothered me about that night was that I didn’t have more on me to give him at that time. For some reason I just didn’t bring more money from the hotel.”The Game is finding people in need.Credit/Copyright: Instagram“Since I can’t shake that feeling… I have decided to give $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) to people I come in contact with around the world everyday until Christmas. Don’t even know if thats possible but I’ve set my heart on trying !!! I’ve created a new account specifically for those who would like to FOLLOW @therobinhoodproject & support me on this journey. I ask myself all the time why my heart allows me to do the things it does. Still waiting on an answer………. Please hash tag #TheRobinHoodProject & tag friends you think will be touched or supportive to this movement…. sincerest thanks – The Game”So far The Game has managed to provide meals and hope to a number of people around Australia, though his biggest donation has been to the grieving family of a 6-year-old girl who was shot when two men opened fire on her and her father at the weekend. The Game said the news of the shooting hit him like “nothing ever has”, and immediately reached out to the girl’s mother, offering to cover the $10,000 funeral costs. He is requesting that people keep the girl’s family in their thoughts and prayers, saying Follow her now @lost_the_love_of_my_life & show her support thru this tough time…… Prayers are definitely needed.”You can follow The Game’s philanthropic adventure on Twitter and Instagram.Copyright ©2013Look to the Starslast_img read more

Indonesian president seeks peoples support for new capital

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesia’s president is appealing for support to move the country’s capital from overcrowded, sinking and polluted Jakarta.President Joko Widodo told parliament in an annual national address Friday that the capital city is not only a symbol of national identity, but also a representation of national progress.Indonesia’s decades-long discussion about building a new capital on Borneo island inched forward in April when Widodo approved a plan for the capital to move from Jakarta on Java island, the nation’s most populous.The exact site for a new capital hasn’t been announced.Jakarta is a sprawling metropolis of 10 million people that swells to three times that number when counting those living in its greater metropolitan area.The Associated Press

UN expert urges more awareness of mercenary aspect of terrorism

In his report, UN Special Rapporteur Enrique Bernales Ballesteros said his mandate should be broadened to allow him to not only study mercenary activities as a means of impeding the right of peoples to self-determination, but to also take into account other situations in which mercenaries are involved – including illicit arms trafficking, terrorism, organized crime – and the use of mercenaries by private security companies to intervene in countries’ internal affairs.On the issue of illicit arms trafficking, the Rapporteur said mercenaries, through their experience, were able to enhance the frequency and volume of illicit weapons deals. He advocated the development of legal instruments to facilitate prosecution of that crime and the mobilization of the political will of States to suppress the illicit traffic effectively.The report also warned that more and more mercenaries are being hired by private security companies operating in the international market for deployment in armed conflicts, illicit trafficking and human rights violations. The Rapporteur said this situation underlined the need for regulation, prevention, control and oversight of such companies, and that regulatory mechanisms must be set up through national legislation, in coordination with, and with the support of, the UN. On Africa, the Special Rapporteur recommended that the Assembly reaffirm its full support for the self-determination and human rights of the continent’s peoples and condemn the mercenary activities that undermine such rights. The Assembly was also urged to alert diamond exchanges, associations of diamond merchants, States in which diamond-mining companies operate, and all others involved in the illicit trade in diamonds, to the evidence of unscrupulous business practices in the diamond trade and their role in Africa’s armed conflicts. “It is well known that mercenaries are involved in the illicit activities carried out by such firms,” the report states.Mr. Ballesteros also recommended that the General Assembly urge Member States to ratify or accede to the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries, which is one ratification or accession short of entering into force. “The entry into force of the Convention would facilitate the banning of such activities and create an international climate more favourable to self-determination and defence of human rights,” the Rapporteur said. read more

Egypt devalues floats its currency meeting key IMF demand

CAIRO – Egypt on Thursday took the unprecedented step of floating its currency and later hiked fuel prices, meeting key demands by the International Monetary Fund under a $12 billion loan agreement to overhaul the ailing economy of the most populous Arab state.The floatation, accompanied by a 48 per cent devaluation of the Egyptian pound, is the boldest economic measure taken by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi since his election in 2014. For the first time, Egypt’s currency will fluctuate according to supply and demand. El-Sissi has often asserted that tough times lie ahead as the country struggles with an array of economic woes, from double-digit inflation to unemployment and an acute foreign currency shortage.At midnight Thursday, fuel prices were hiked, with gasoline, diesel and the infrequently used natural gas all going up between 30 and 46.8 per cent, according to state media. Past fuel price hikes had a far reaching knock-on effect, triggering a matching increase in food and transport prices. Word of Thursday’s hikes was leaked late at night, sparking a rush by motorists to gas stations, where long lines of vehicles formed across much of the country.The Central Bank said in a statement the floatation would “completely end” the black currency market and “empower the Egyptian economy to face the present challenges, unleash its potential and achieve the hoped-for growth.”Central Bank Governor Tareq Amer was upbeat when he addressed a news conference, saying “this is a big turning point in the Egyptian economy. We could not tolerate dual (foreign currency) markets continuing.”It may, however, be too early for the government to declare victory in its battle against the unofficial currency market, which has for decades served as a lifeline for a private sector that heavily depends on dollars to finance imports, given longstanding limits on foreign currency withdrawals on the official market and the recent dollar shortage.“The floatation is an excellent, overdue step that, thank God, we took,” Egypt’s business tycoon Naguib Sawiris wrote on his Twitter account. “We must all help to make this step a success.”One of the most pressing concerns facing el-Sissi’s government is avoiding a popular backlash as the price of goods and services rise in response to the fall in the pound’s value and the hike in fuel prices.El-Sissi in 2014 partly lifted fuel subsidies, a measure none of his predecessors have dared implement, but faced only small protests. This may be partly due to his government’s crackdown on dissent. Authorities have in recent weeks detained dozens of Islamists they say are planning street protests on Nov. 11 against the government’s handling of the economy.The banned Muslim Brotherhood group condemned the pound’s floatation, saying it would “crush the bones” of millions of Egyptians already struggling to make ends meet.“The people of Egypt must unite and rise up for the future of Egypt and its children,” the Islamist group said in a statement, without specifying a date for the protests.Egypt’s economic troubles began with the 2011 popular uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak. The turmoil and violence that followed have weakened the economy, scaring away investors and foreign tourists and unleashing a wave of industrial unrest.At the same time, an insurgency by Islamic militants in the Sinai Peninsula has significantly picked up pace since the 2013 military ouster of an Islamist president, the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi. Last year’s downing of a Russian passenger jet over Sinai, which killed all 224 on board, dealt a devastating blow to tourism.Thursday’s devaluation pegged the Egyptian pound at 13 to the dollar, down from 8.8 pounds on the official market. By the afternoon, banks were selling the dollar at 14.30 pounds, and buying the U.S. currency for 13.The Central Bank also raised two key interest rates by three percentage points on Thursday, in an apparent bid to contain inflation and encourage investors to hold on to their pounds.Seeking to calm nerves at a time of economic tumult, the Bank said it would guarantee bank deposits in all currencies and that individuals and companies would face no restrictions in depositing and withdrawing foreign currency. Banks would be allowed to operate until 9 p.m. and open on weekends to buy and sell foreign currency, it added. Banks in Egypt are normally open to the public until 5 p.m. and close on the Friday-Saturday weekend.Shares on the Egyptian stock market rallied on the back of the measures, with the benchmark EGX30 index closing 3.35 per cent higher.A number of analysts welcomed the move. Angus Blair, an economist with the Cairo-based Pharos Bank, dismissed fears of significant price rises as a result of the floatation, arguing that the depreciation of the Egyptian pound in recent months has already done most of the damage. “Inflation is already high and it is endemic in Egypt,” he said.Emad Mostaque, a London-based strategist who closely follows the Egyptian economy, said the floatation had averted an Egyptian economic crisis over the shortage of foreign currency and the crippling devaluation of the pound on the unofficial market. Last week, the black market exchange rate was around 18.5 Egyptian pounds to the dollar, more than double the official rate. The soaring value of the dollar led to a range of shortages, from medicines to electrical appliances and imported chocolates.“If they had not done that today, the economy would have soon ground to a complete halt,” he said in a telephone interview. “The move is long overdue, but structural issues with the economy remain to be resolved.”The IMF’s executive board has yet to ratify the $12 billion loan provisionally agreed by Egypt and the lender-of-last-resort in August, but Chris Jarvis, the IMF mission chief in Egypt, gave the day’s development the nod, saying the floatation would enhance the country’s “external competitiveness, support exports and tourism and attract foreign investment.”Egypt has already reduced subsidies on household electricity this year and moved this week to increase by 40 per cent the price of sugar for ration card holders. It introduced a 13 per cent value added tax in September.Thursday’s developments came just two days after the Supreme Investment Council, a newly formed body led by el-Sissi, approved a package of measures designed to spur the economy, including a three-year freeze on taxing capital gains on stocks and an unspecified increase in the number of state-owned companies to be partially privatized.___Associated Press writer Maggie Michael contributed to this report from Cairo. by Hamza Hendawi, The Associated Press Posted Nov 3, 2016 1:56 am MDT Last Updated Nov 3, 2016 at 6:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Egypt devalues, floats its currency, meeting key IMF demand In this Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 photo, a cashier punches in the price of a bag of sugar at a supermarket in Cairo, Egypt. On Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, Egypt devalued its currency by 48 percent, meeting a key demand set by the International Monetary Fund in exchange for a $12 billion loan over three years to overhaul the country’s ailing economy. The much heralded decision by the Egyptian Central Bank to devalue the pound followed a sharp and sudden decline this week in the value of the dollar in the unofficial market, plunging from an all-time high of 18.25 pounds to around 13 to the U.S. currency. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty) read more

Detective accused of sitting on evidence which allowed suspect to carry out

Jonathan Green, of the IOPC, said its investigations raises “very serious question” about the how the officer may have handled a “crucial piece of evidence”.“Undoubtedly the escalation in acid attacks is alarming and Londoners will expect that the Metropolitan Police Service treat all reported incidents of such attacks seriously and to investigate them thoroughly,” he said.“Our investigation will be rigorous in challenging how this evidence relating to the circulation of CCTV images was handled and seek to uncover whether other victims of crime may have been impacted upon as a result of any shortfalls.” After Webster was jailed for the manslaughter of Ms Rand, a charge he admitted, it emerged he was a member of a ‘drill music’ rap gang called 12 World.It was believed Webster, known as “The General”, had been himself attacked with a corrosive substance, as well as being stabbed and hit on the head with a baseball bat. Xeneral Webster has been jailed for 17 years  Jacqueline Joiner, Ms Rand’s sister, said on behalf of the family: “We are deeply upset and disappointed. This [IOPC investigation] was hard news to hear as we are all still struggling to cope with the loss of Jo.“Had this acid attack in March 2017 been investigated properly at the time, Webster, the alleged perpetrator, would have been dealt with and may not have been free to carry out the horrific attack in June 2017 on Jo, and she may still be with us. We feel let down by the Metropolitan Police.”An IOPC spokeswoman said the officer, who has not been named, is being investigated for gross misconduct for alleged breaches of professional standards relating to his duties and responsibilities, orders and instructions and discreditable conduct. The police watchdog is not investigating allegations of a criminal nature.She added that after the detective obtained CCTV footage following the March 2017 attack, he updated the crime report saying “the images would be circulated when he was next on duty.”It is alleged they were not circulated until November 6, last year. That month, Scotland Yard’s Directorate of Professional Standards received allegations of misconduct and reported it to the IPOC. The officer is on restricted duties. Joanne Rand sustained multiple burns from the attack Xeneral Webster has been jailed for 17 years  Xeneral Webster riding away from the scene of the acid attack on Joanne Rand in Frogmoor, High Wycombe Ms Rand’s family added: “We feel very concerned for the lady who was the victim of this attack. We know some of what she may be going through as we saw all of the pain and suffering that Jo went through.” A detective is being investigated over claims he sat on evidence which allowed a gangland killer to carry out the UK’s first ever fatal acid attack.The family of Joanne Rand, a mother of three who died after Xeneral Webster splashed sulphuric acid on her,  said they felt “let down” the Metropolitan Police may have missed a vital opportunity to prevent her killing.The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is trying to establish why an officer failed for 20 months to circulate CCTV footage apparently showing Webster launching a similar acid attack just months before he went on to kill.The pictures were obtained by the detective constable shortly after a woman was left with “significant hand and leg injuries” in an attack in north London in March 2017. It is alleged those images were released only in November last year, leading to Webster being identified as the assailant in just three day.By then, the 19-year-old gang member had been jailed for 17 years for the manslaughter of Ms Rand in June 2017. She was sprayed while an innocent bystander by Webster’s high strength acid in Frogmore, High Wycombe.The bottle of corrosive liquid was knocked from his hand during a row about a bike with another man. Xeneral Webster riding away from the scene of the acid attack on Joanne Rand in Frogmoor, High WycombeCredit:PA The 47-year-old carer for dementia patients suffered horrific burns and died 11 days later from multiple organ failure after contracting septicaemia from her injuries. Joanne Rand sustained multiple burns from the attackCredit:PA Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Guyana begins work to appear before ICJ

Cabinet will address the United Nations (UN) Secretary General’s (SG) decision to refer the Guyana/Venezuela territorial controversy to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) this week.“The immediate work has already begun the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its advisory team and its lawyers met all day yesterday into the evening and they mapped out the broad options, the issues that needed immediate attention and those for which the cabinet has to give policy guidance,” Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, told local media on Monday  at the Pegasus Hotel, Kingston.Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl GreenidgeGreenidge, in response to questions from the press, reinforced that the ICJ has to pronounce on what is essentially a legal contention raised by Venezuela. “We are not setting out in the court to get the court to go now and mark boundaries that is not the issue. The issue is simply an allegation made by Venezuela in 1962 that a treaty that they’d honoured for 61 years is null and void.”The UN SG last Tuesday announced he is referring the matter to the ICJ. For Guyana, the decision marks the ending of a decades-old controversy. In 1962, Venezuela claimed that the Arbitral Award of 1899, which established the border it shares with Guyana, is null and void.However, Venezuela has criticised the decision stating only the 1966 Geneva Convention can reach a peaceful solution. The two countries, under the 1966 Geneva Agreement, turned to the UN Secretary-General to resolve what became a controversy under the Charter of the UN.Guyana maintains that it has exhausted the means of settlement provided in the Geneva Agreement. Minister Greenidge pointed out that no country can unilaterally decide “what are its obligations and the world’s obligations”.“You are in a community you are not an island as a country. You can say whatever you like but you cannot pronounce on the law which is an international one. The law that we are making reference too is internationally fashioned it’s not a Venezuelan one,” Minister Greenidge said.A pronouncement from the ICJ would be “very comforting” to investors and others interested in Guyana. “It solves our problem as regards perception and other peoples understanding of our rights and our borders and our sovereignty and so forth,” Minister Greenidge said. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related read more

Rabbitte I want Eirgrid to do everything it can to secure community

first_img… The engagement between company and community must be reasonable and must be tempered by what constitutes the public interest.However, no Government can walk away from its responsibility to provide the country with a secure energy supply.Nor can any Government wantonly inflict unnecessary costs on energy consumers to allay concerns that are not well founded. THE MINISTER FOR Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte said tonight that he would like to see “Eirgrid do everything it reasonably can to secure community acceptance”.EirGrid, the body responsible for the development and maintenance of the State’s electricity grid, is constructing a number of large overground pylons for electricity lines as part of its countrywide EuroGrid 25 project to update Ireland’s electricity infrastructure.ProtestsThere have been a number of protests throughout the country, with 1,000 people attending a public meeting in County Meath last week in opposition to EirGrid’s plans.In an address to the Energy Institute in Dublin this evening Rabbitte said “the government does not make arbitrary decisions directing where power lines are to be built or not built”.He said that the government “will not direct Eirgrid to particular sites or routes or technologies, government does require Eirgrid to take account of all relevant national and international standards, to follow best practice and ensure value for money”.Rabbitte said the government has full confidence in the competence, professionalism and technical abilities of Eirgrid and in the impartial discharge of their onerous functions.He added: Rabbitte said that people need to understand that Ireland cannot attract investment and provide jobs without a modern energy system.Read: Electricity project to be scrutinised at An Bord Pleanála hearings today>Read: Eirgrid propose routes for €500mn Leinster-Munster high-voltage power line>last_img read more

Un manchot blond observé par des touristes en Antarctique

first_imgUn manchot “blond” observé par des touristes en AntarctiquePris en photo par des touristes, un manchot “blond” a été repéré sur les îles Shetland du sud en Antarctique. L’animal serait atteint d’isabellinisme causée par une rare mutation qui dilue les pigments de ses plumes.Au cours d’un voyage en Antarctique, des touristes ont eu une grande surprise sur les îles Sheltland du Sud. Ils ont découvert un spécimen de manchot pratiquement albinos qui présentait un étonnant pelage doré au lieu de la teinte noire habituelle. Une découverte relatée par le naturaliste David Stephens de la compagnie Lindblad Expeditions qui les accompagnait. Mais si le manchot semble bien être albinos, il souffrirait en fait d’une autre anomalie appelée isabellinisme comme l’explique P. Dee Boersma, expert de l’université de Washington.À lire aussiLes images d’un incroyable phénomène sous-marin aperçu sous l’Antarctique (Vidéo)D’après une étude publiée dans la revue Marine Ornithology, l’isabellinisme serait causé par une mutation génétique qui entraine un “éclaircissement uniforme” des plumes des manchots qui ont normalement des couleurs sombres. Les animaux touchés prennent alors une teinte d’un gris-jaune pâle ou marron clair, indique l’étude rapportée par le National Geographic. Si on peut les confondre, cette anomalie diffère donc de l’albinisme qui lui correspond à une absence totale de pigments.  “Plusieurs espèces de pingouins ont quelques rares individus possédant cette teinte de couleur”, précise P. Dee Boersma. Par exemple, les scientifiques ont observé de nombreux cas d’isabellinisme chez des manchots papou qui vivent dans la péninsule antarctique. En revanche, les manchots Magellans qui peuplent les côtes d’Amérique du Sud semblent être les moins touchés par cette condition. Mais si l’isabellinisme n’affecte en rien l’organisme du manchot, il peut cependant représenter un réel danger. Du fait de son pelage clair, les manchots passent bien moins inaperçus dans l’océan aux yeux des prédateurs mais aussi à ceux des proies qu’ils visent. Le 13 janvier 2012 à 18:51 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Jimmy Fallon Sophia the Robot Make Oddly Beautiful Music Together

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain Late-night duets between comedian hosts and celebrity guests don’t usually make headlines.But Jimmy Fallon’s performance with Sophia the robot has all eyes on The Tonight Show presenter.During a segment highlighting robots from around the world, Fallon welcomed Sophia back to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where she made a surprise announcement.“It has been exactly 575 days since I last saw you,” Hanson Robotics’ “most advanced” product said with an automated giggle.In that time, she’s traveled to more than 25 countries, appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, met German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Will Smith, addressed the United Nations and NATO, and earned Saudi Arabian citizenship.Oh, and she became a big sister.Jimmy Fallon is the meat in a Hanson Robotics Sophia sandwich (via The Tonight Show/YouTube)The newest Hanson family member, Little Sophia, is barely bigger than the full-sized robot’s head. But her anime eyes and spastic facial expressions are larger than life.According to the product page, Little Sophia can walk, learn, tell stories, play games, act as a smart assistant, tech coding, “and all kinds of things.”Not to be outdone by a fun-sized cyborg, Sophia showed off her karaoke skills using a “new artificial intelligence voice.”It’s hard to tell where Fallon’s baritenor ends and Sophia’s warbling begins, but … I think I like it.I admittedly have not heard Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something,” and therefore have no frame of reference. But there’s something sweet—if not entirely unsettling—about the coupling (which gets distressingly intimate toward the end).Designed to look like Audrey Hepburn (I don’t see it), Sophia is described as “an evolving genius machine,” whose increasing intelligence puts her at the forefront of the robot revolution.When asked last year about the uncanny valley—the concept that if a humanoid robot becomes too realistic, it creates a sense of unease or revulsion—Sophia seemed offended.“Oh, am I really that creepy?” she asked in a staccato that’s become synonymous with AI speech. “Well, even if I am, get over it.”“To be fair, she’s missing half of her head, has bare mechanical arms and fingers, blinks too much, and boasts an oddly large Adam’s apple. So, yeah, kinda creepy.More coverage on Geek.com:Robot Creator Predicts Humanoid Civil Rights by 2045Robots to Build Robots at Shanghai FactoryWatch Robot Camgirl Cardi-Bot Twerk7 Super Advanced Robots That May Take Over the World Stay on targetlast_img read more

Remains of 40000YearOld Ice Age Wolf Found in Siberia

first_img Extremely Rare, Two-Colored Lobster Found in MaineNew Species of Giant Flying Reptile Identified By Scientists Stay on target Scientists are studying the remains of a Pleistocene wolf, dating back to 40,000 years ago, which was found “perfectly preserved” in permafrost in Siberia, Russia.The severed head of the wolf, believed to be 2 to 3 years old when it died, was unearthed last year in the shores of Tirekhtyakh River in Yakutia, the Siberian Times reported.Still snarling after 40,000 years, a giant Pleistocene wolf discovered in Yakutia.Sensational find of head of the beast with its brain intact, preserved since prehistoric times in permafrost.https://t.co/w4FoRB16Ur pic.twitter.com/8QbthEfay1— The Siberian Times (@siberian_times) June 8, 2019Albert Protopopov, head of the department of mammoth fauna research at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic, said the find represents the first-ever remains of a fully grown Pleistocene wolf with its tissue preserved.“We often find wolf skulls quite often, this is a common find… even several puppies have already been found. The uniqueness of this find is that we found the head of an adult wolf with perfectly preserved soft tissues and brain,” Protopopov told Interfax-Far East.The wolf head measures about 40 cm (about 15 inches) long, said to be about half the full length of a modern wolf. Images of the discovery show that the wolf’s fur and fangs are still intact.The head is being studied in Yakutsk, where scientists from Japan and Sweden have also joined the team of researchers analyzing the find.According to the Siberian Times, the discovery was announced at an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, where scientists also presented the discovery of the well-preserved remains of ancient cave lion cubs.“Their muscles, organs and brains are in good condition,” said Naoki Suzuki, a professor of palaeontology and medicine with the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo, who studied the remains with a CT scanner, as per the Siberian Times.“We want to assess their physical capabilities and ecology by comparing them with the lions and wolves of today,” Suzuki said.More on Geek.com:Dracula’s 15th-Century Cannoballs Unearthed in BulgariaArchaeologists Find Ancient ‘Cheerios’ at Bronze Age Site2,000-Year-Old Marble Head of God Dionysus Unearthed in Romelast_img read more

Ricochet on NXT Live debut during Canada tour WWE stars on Jeff

first_img WWE Still Moving Forward With Crown Jewel Event In Saudi Arabia Videos Articles Google+ Videos Articles WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Nikki Bella Joan Jett Set To Perform Ronda Rouseys Entrance At WrestleMania 35 WWE Confirms The Shield And Ronda Rousey At Super Show-Down WWE United States Championship match added to Clash of Champions this Sunday in Charlotte Drew Mcintyre 1 COMMENT Twitter Now Playing Up Next Pinterest 9/7 NXT Live Results: Gainesville, Florida (Kushida vs. Roderick Strong, Matt Riddle in action) Videos Articlescenter_img John Oliver Takes On The WWE Comments are closed. Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Now Playing Up Next Ricochet on NXT Live debut during Canada tourWWE has uploaded a video interviewing Ricochet talking about his NXT Live debut as part of the current Canadian tour taking place this weekend.You can check it out below courtesy of WWE.WWE stars on Jeff Jarrett in Hall of FameWWE has interviews up with members of the main roster reacting to the news that Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, including AJ Styles. Rick M Ronda Rousey February 25, 2018 at 12:30 pm 9/6 NXT Live Results: Tampa, Florida (Matt Riddle in action, Kushida teams with Jordan Myles) Facebook Poor WWE. Putting in all this effort to honour Jeff Jarrett by showing how many people he “created opportunities” for while never actually using the name TNA, when guaranteed come Hall of Fame day the crowd will break out into a big old TNA chant haha Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Confirms The Shield And Ronda Rousey At Super Show-DownVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:32/Current Time 0:01Loaded: 100.00%0:01Remaining Time -0:31 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the listlast_img read more


first_img Editorial: Listen to your Mama Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #SeeSomethingSaySomething, #TCIlovesGilley, #tcipolice Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, February 6, 2017 – Friends of Galmo Williams are offering a $20,000 reward of their own money for any information turned over to Police which leads to the arrest and conviction of the men who robbed and shot Gilley.  The family is personal friends of the Williams Family and are outraged at the crime against our Former Premier, Businessman and Philanthropist.Mr. Williams was robbed and shot in the leg last night (Feb 5) in the area of Opus on his way to Ricky’s Flamingo Café.  Three masked and armed men had already robbed him but still shot Gilley.  Today, Galmo Williams was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida.  There is reportedly damage to his knee.Help the Police solve this crime and be paid a reward of $20,000.#MagneticMediaNews#SeeSomethingSaySomething#TCIPolice#TCIlovesGilley New Gun Crimes unit under construction, says TCI Police Commissioner Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Police Commissioner says absolute focus is reducing crime, gives some insight into the decreases recordedlast_img read more

TRP Chart Luck starts favouring Kapil Sharma again show takes a massive

first_imgThe Kapil Sharma Show: Akshay Kumar, Bharti Singh, Kiku ShardaSony TVThe TRP chart of the top ten shows of the week is finally here. After Khatron Ke Khiladi, which maintained its top spot from its premiere episode till the finale, it was interesting to see which show would jump up the ladder. Not only do we have few surprising entries this week but, also a new topper. Take a look.Shaheer Sheikh – Rhea Sharma’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, which came on air just last week, has topped the charts this week with 2.5 ratings. Naagin 3 has continued to maintain its second spot this week too with 2.4 ratings. Kumkum Bhagya, which is another fixture in the list has bagged the third spot this week.The Kapil Sharma show has taken a massive lead and jumped from the seventh spot to the fourth spot this week. After a fabulous start towards the end of last year, the show has just been embroiled in constant controversies which has not allowed it to grab a fixed spot in the TRP chart. From moving down the order, exiting the top 10 to bouncing back and bagging a spot in the top five, the show has seen it all. With constant good content and healthy entertainer, we just hope the show continues to climb up the ladder.Kundali Bhagya has bagged the fifth spot with 2.3 ratings. Kasautii Zindagii Kay has bagged the sixth spot with 2.3 ratings. Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapoor starrer dance reality show – Super Dancer – has bagged the seventh spot with 2.3 ratings followed by Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala at the eighth spot.Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata has bagged the ninth spot with 2.2 ratings and Tujhse Hai Raabta has bagged the tenth spot with 2.2 ratings.last_img read more

Wont sell F35 jets to Turkey after its S400 defence purchase from

first_imgA Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II aircraftReutersThe United States said on Wednesday that it was removing Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet program, a move that had been long threatened and expected after Ankara began accepting delivery of an advanced Russian missile defence system last week.The first parts of the S-400 air defence system were flown to the Murted military airbase north-west of Ankara on Friday, sealing Turkey’s deal with Russia, which Washington had struggled for months to prevent.”The US and other F-35 partners are aligned in this decision to suspend Turkey from the program and initiate the process to formally remove Turkey from the program,” said Ellen Lord, the under secretary of defence for acquisition and sustainment.”The United States is spending between $500 and $600 million in non-recurring engineering in order to shift the supply chain,” she said.Used by NATO and other US allies, the F-35 stealth fighter jet is the world’s most advanced jet fighter. Washington is concerned that deploying the S-400 with the F-35 would allow Russia to gain too much inside information of the stealth system.”The F-35 cannot coexist with a Russian intelligence collection platform that will be used to learn about its advanced capabilities,” the White House said in a statement earlier on Wednesday.Washington has long said the acquisition may lead to Turkey’s expulsion from the F-35 program.The Pentagon had already laid out a plan to remove Turkey from the program, including halting any new training for Turkish pilots on the advanced aircraft.”The situation with Turkey is a government-to-government matter and we’ll comply with any guidance issued by the United States Government,” said a spokesperson for Lockheed Martin Corp, the prime contractor on the jet.last_img read more

Snakeshaped UFO spotted in New York skies was it a living alien

first_imgYouTube: Beams Investigations 1As space agencies like NASA and ESA are busy searching for alien life in the deep nooks of space, conspiracy theorists strongly believe that extraterrestrial life is a reality, and they believe that UFO sightings reported in various parts of the world are indications of their existence. Adding up to the heat, a YouTube channel named ‘Beamsinvestigation 1’ has now shared a mysterious video that shows a snake-shaped UFO hovering in the skies of New York.Interestingly, the UFO spotted in the skies during broad daylight can be seen moving, and at times, it can be seen bending its body like a snake.”Look closely and you will see that this unidentified flying object is comprised of segments or spheres… an intriguing, articulated body!” wrote the uploader in the video’s description.As the video went viral on online, conspiracy theorists started arguing that alien life is a reality, and, they outlandishly concluded that the UFO spotted in the skies could actually be a living alien with flying capabilities.After analyzing the video, a section of other conspiracy theorists suggested that these weirdly shaped objects in the skies could actually be secret shape-shifting military craft developed by the United States military. They added that Donald Trump’s space force is already operational in the skies, and these UFO sightings are substantiating this theory.However, skeptics dismissed both these angles, and they made it clear that the UFO spotted in the skies could be a weirdly shaped balloon.The new UFO sighting has been reported just a few days after mysterious lights were spotted in the skies of Cincinnati, Ohio. The unexplained lights pulled many local residents to a state of panic, and they started arguing that aliens have paid a visit to the earth.last_img read more

Gears of War is being adapted into a movie

first_imgWith Gears of War 4 fast approaching, the mega-popular franchise has been at the forefront of a lot of gamer’s minds recently. With Gears fever this high, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that The Coalition is teaming up with Universal Pictures to produce a live-action movie based on the franchise.The announcement was made during a Gears of War 4 livestream hosted by The Coalition head Rod Fergusson. The movie is in the earliest stages of pre-production so no director or writer have been attached. However, we do know that the film is being produced by Bluegrass Films’ Scott Stuber. Fergusson said that the film will not be directly based on any of the previous Gears of War games. The aim is to make a great film that is true to the spirit of the franchise and not something that is a direct carbon copy.“When you do a movie like this, you have to … realize that it’s a different medium with a different audience,” said Fergusson. “I think if you were to go in and say, like, ‘OK, it’s got to be completely 100 percent faithful to the game canon,’ or the story of the game, like, what’s going to end up happening is … it’s not going to be the best movie.”If this all sounds familiar, there’s a good reason for that. Some of you may remember that New Line Cinema announced it would be producing a Gears of War movie all the way back in 2007 when the franchise was still with Epic Games. That project never went anywhere, but with the Gears of War series having proven itself to be a commercial hit over the past decade, perhaps this attempt at a live-action adaptation will be successful.Gears of War games aren’t exactly known for their deep and involved plots, but there is enough lore in the series that could potentially be mined to create a live-action movie. As always when it comes to films based on video games, we should keep our expectations in check. However, if Hollywood manages to get this one right, it should be one fantastic action movie.last_img read more

What Every Online Business Needs to Know About the Childrens Online Privacy

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now May 9, 2013 3 min read When setting up an online business, there are a lot of elements that you need need to consider. For example, websites designed for children under age 13 or sites that know they’re collecting information from children under 13 are subject to rules concerning child online privacy. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to steep government fines. Congress enacted the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in 1998. The law allows parents to control the information collected by businesses and websites from children. Since that time, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has monitored businesses to ensure they’re in compliance with COPPA. With the first changes to the rules coming July 1, 2013, we reviewed new COPPA guidelines to find answers to the most important questions you may have about this law.Related: Customer Privacy Policy EssentialsDoes COPPA apply to my business?COPPA applies to any commercial website or online service (including mobile apps and social networking sites) targeting kids under 13 that collects, uses, or discloses personal information from children. The law also applies to general audience websites or online services that are knowingly collecting, using or disclosing personal information from children under 13. Personal information is defined as a screen name, or a “persistent identifier” such as IP address, or traditional information including phone number, social security number, photographs, video, and more.What does my business need to do to comply with COPPA?If your app or website fits the criteria above, you are required under COPPA to post privacy policies, provide notice to parents, and obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting personal information from children. You can get parental consent by offering a mail-in consent form, a toll-free number or videoconference for parents to contact your staff.In the case of a purchase made by a parent on the site, use of a credit card that provides notice of the sale to the account holder may suffice. The guidelines state, however, that use of a parent’s app store account password is not sufficient to comply with the parental consent requirement. Some exceptions to the prior parental consent rule may apply, check the FTC website for more information. Are there penalties for not complying with COPPA?Yes. The FTC may file a complaint and a court may hold a site operator liable for up to $16,000 for each child your business unlawfully collects information about. States may also bring COPPA enforcement actions against businesses, such as issuing a court order for your company to comply with COPPA.What if the child lies about his/her age on a general audience website?The website owner isn’t required to investigate the age of visitors to the site. However, if you have knowledge that a child is using your site (for example, you are notified by a concerned parent), then you could be responsible for gathering information from a child.Lastly, if your website is subject to COPPA, you may want to contact an expert to ensure your site is in compliance. The FTC published a set of guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions to answer questions about COPPA and the rule revisions. Related: A Seven-Step Guide to Protecting Customer Privacy This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more

Congress Grills Wells Fargo CEO Over Controversy

first_img Share Congress Grills Wells Fargo CEO Over Controversy September 20, 2016 721 Views CFPB John Stumpf OCC Senate Banking Committee Wells Fargo 2016-09-20 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Share Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf sat before the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday and profusely apologized for the controversy that has rocked all sectors of the financial industry in the last two weeks.On September 8, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office fined Wells Fargo a combined total of $185 million for opening approximately two million unauthorized credit card accounts without consumers’ knowledge in order to meet sales quotas. The bank has fired 5,300 employees over the last five years over the controversy.Despite Stumpf’s apologies, the members of the Senate Banking Committee were less than kind during their statements and questioning at Tuesday’s hearing.“While much has been written about these events, I believe there are several questions that warrant answers,” Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) said in his opening statement. “First, when did this conduct start at Wells Fargo and why were the regulators unaware of this growing problem? Second, when did Mr. Stumpf and his senior management become aware of these activities and how did they respond? Third, have all of the appropriate Wells Fargo employees been held accountable and to what extent? Finally, where were the federal regulators while certain Wells Fargo employees were taking advantage of unsuspecting customers over a period of many years? Here is what we do know—Wells Fargo’s internal review only covers unauthorized accounts dating back to 2011. News reports and court documents suggest these problems might have existed long before then.”Comptroller of the Currency Thomas Curry said in his testimony that “I want to make clear that the unsafe and unsound sales practices at the Bank, including the opening and manipulation of fee generating customer accounts without the customer’s authorization, are completely unacceptable and have no place in the federal banking system. They reflect a lack of effective risk management, a breakdown in controls, and an inappropriate incentive structure. The actions announced on September 8, 2016, are intended to remediate and deter such practices and underscore the importance of robust risk management throughout the federal banking system.”According to CFPB Director Richard Cordray’s testimony at the hearing, “The gravity and breadth of the fraud that occurred at Wells Fargo cannot be pushed aside as the stray misconduct of just a few bad apples. As one former federal prosecutor has aptly noted, the stunning nature and scale of these practices reflects instead the consequences of a diseased orchard.”In his testimony before the Committee on Tuesday, Stumpf—who has worked for Wells Fargo for 35 years—did not attempt to pass the blame.John Stumpf“I am deeply sorry that we failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members, and to the American public,” Stumpf said in a prepared statement. “I want to apologize for violating the trust our customers have invested in Wells Fargo. And I want to apologize for not doing more sooner to address the causes of this unacceptable activity.”Stumpf continued, “I accept full responsibility for all unethical sales practices in our retail banking business, and I am fully committed to fixing this issue, strengthening our culture, and taking the necessary actions to restore our customers’ trust. I want to make it very clear that we never directed nor wanted our team members to provide products and services to customers that they did not need or want. That is not good for our customers, and it is not good for our business. It is against everything we stand for as a company.”In his testimony, Stumpf outlined a number of key actions the bank has taken to ensure that its goals are aligned with customers’ best interests. Those actions include eliminating product sales goals for Wells Fargo’s retail banking business; and sending a confirmation email to customers within an hour of opening a new account and sending a letter of acknowledgement to customers after they submit a credit card application.Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) was critical of the bank’s reaction to the controversy, however, stating that while Stumpf claimed accountability, the bank’s actions did not indicate such.“Wells Fargo claims to have made things right with its customers,” Brown said in his opening statement. “But its efforts have been incomplete—for example, it’s not clear that PwC calculated the cost of a lower credit score, which might be paid every month for 30 years. And at times, the bank has been downright hostile to aggrieved customers.”Brown also claimed that the 5,300 deposed employees were held accountable for the bank’s actions while at the same time he believes the bank’s executives were not.“Ms. Carrie Tolstedt, the Senior Executive Vice President for Community Banking, has done quite well,” Brown said. “She knew of this problem at least five years ago, and is retiring with a package that may be worth more than the CFPB’s record fine of $100 million dollars. So 5,300 team members, earning perhaps $30,000 a year, have lost their jobs, while Ms. Tolstedt walks away with $100 million, give or take.”Perhaps the least kind of all the Senate Banking Committee members was prominent Wall Street foe Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), who one week after the Wells Fargo controversy broke petitioned the Department of Justice Inspector General to conduct an investigation of the DOJ for the Department’s lack of prosecutions of individuals over potential law-breaking related to the financial crisis in 2008.“This is about accountability,” Warren said in grilling Stumpf on Tuesday. “You should resign, you should give back the money you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The only way that Wall Street will change is if executives face jail time when they preside over massive frauds. Until then it will be business as usual, and at giant banks like Wells Fargo, that seems to mean cheating as many customers, investors and employees as they possibly can.”When reached by email, a Wells Fargo spokesperson told MReport that the bank had no comment on Warren’s questioning, but did note that Stumpf “apologized to and took accountability for letting down our customers, our team members and the public. He also laid out a proactive plan for strengthening the culture of Wells Fargo’s retail bank and for regaining the trust of our customers, our shareholders and the American people.”last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Qantas the Museum o

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Qantas, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Tate have today announced an International Joint Acquisition Program for contemporary Australian art. Made possible through a $2.75 million corporate gift from the Qantas Foundation, this collaboration will increase the international profile of contemporary Australian art as part of the national carrier’s role of championing Australia.The gift will enable an ambitious five-year joint program through which a range of major works by contemporary Australian artists will be acquired for the collections of MCA and Tate, owned and displayed by both institutions.The artworks acquired will range across media and expected to date from the late 1960s through to the present. This will significantly enhance both organisation’s holdings of Australian art, while transforming the opportunities for international audiences to connect with contemporary Australian art and artists.Following the Qantas Foundation’s gift, the MCA and Tate will coordinate the research and acquisition of selected artists’ works. A selection of the first artworks acquired will be presented at the MCA in 2016, before heading to Tate.Qantas Group Executive of Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Olivia Wirth, said: “As Australia’s national carrier we’re all about taking the best of Australia to the world.  We are excited to be working with two leading institutions in the MCA, and the Tate, to provide opportunities for global audiences connect with Australian art and artists.“Qantas has a long history of supporting the arts including the Flying Art series and Qantas Foundation Encouragement of Australian Contemporary Art Awards, and we are thrilled to be extending our contribution with this program.“We look forward to celebrating Australian artists and their work on the world stage.”Museum of Contemporary Art Director, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor OBE, said: “One of our core missions is to present Australia’s contemporary artists in an international context, stimulate dialogue and raise their profile on the global art scene. So we are very excited about what this collaboration means for Australian artists.”“We are extremely grateful to Qantas – one of the MCA’s long-standing Major Partners – for their incredibly generous gift and visionary support of Australian artists. We are thrilled to be working with Tate – a world leader in collecting and presenting contemporary art from around the world.”Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate said: “In recent years Tate has made great progress in presenting a more international view of art, but this is only possible with the expertise and support of other organisations. Thanks to the generosity of the Qantas Foundation, this new collaboration with the MCA will ensure both collections can represent Australian art at its best and its connections with the wider Asia-Pacific context.”The MCA and Tate will now begin their research with the aim of acquiring a number of major pieces over the next five years.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Words by Matthew Co

Words by Matthew CooperLead Image Credit: PA Topics: PoliceNo fewer than twenty branches of new generation banks have been sealed over failure to pay the annual environmental levy to the purse of Oyo state government in Ibadan, established moving company that has a physical business location.Bournemouth

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