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first_img“I would just to listen more, because as more we listen, we are able to understand more on this important step of our life.” “I would like to listen more on the influence that Blessing gives in the daily life and the experiences of blessed families in practicing true love and in education the second generation”. Which were most important from the topics or issues you heard?“For me each lecture was interesting because I didn’t receive before a Blessing workshop. I heard experiences or feelings of other brothers and sisters, but how things were exactely I could here on this workshop for the first time. So, in every lecture I found something interesting which made me reflect.“ Reflection “Every issue or topic was very interesting, even though when I came to this workshop I came with the lazy feeling, but I see that I really needed such topics even though is the second time I hear this kind of content, we really need to reflect more on our ourselves.” Which is your opinion on the actual matching system?“My opinion is that everyone who applies need to have the conviction that God is the one who decides, that’s why for me there is no problem with the actual matching system.” Would you like to hear more content that what was presented on this workshop?“I would like to hear more testimonies from brothers and sisters who received blessing before and to be more examples on the successful couples and more concrete difficulties what couples face on the process of matching and Blessing.” FFWPU Albania, by Marjeta Rroshi, Blessing Department, February 7-8, 2015: We are pleased to share with you this report on Blessing Preparation Workshop that as held from 7-8th February 2015 in our Training Centre in Mullet, Tirana for members who already applied and for those who are candidates to apply for matching. 32 brothers and sisters could participate from all our 8 communities.It was more than one year that we didn’t have such a workshop for members and members felt the need for such workshop to get more information how to prepare for the Blessing.The atmosphere, even though in a rainy weather, it was very familiar as all of them knew each other and everyone joined naturally in any kind of duty that was requested.The workshop started on Saturday afternoon with 3 lectures which were focused on 4 Great Realms of Heart, how did God felt during creation and during the fall of Adam and Eve and the consequences at all humankind, the change of blood lineage, and how members need to prepare for the blessing based on True Fathers words on matching and blessing.The next day were presented two lectures. The first lecture explained the process of application and matching, and the second one gave a deep insight about the Cosmic Blessing.A beautiful moment was the testimonies given by members who received the blessing last years, Jorida Haziraj and Ardys & Enrida Bushi. With tears and laughs they shared with all the participants their emotions from the moment of matching application until the Blessing Ceremony in Korea. They shared their most beautiful and difficult moments they had with their partners.In the reflections of participants, which was organized with prepared questions, it was mentioned that they need to have more often such workshops, longer in days, deeper content on the importance of matching and blessing, more from True Father’s words and more testimonies from members who received blessing, especially older members.center_img “Interesting was the information given on the preparations we have to make to apply, the testimonies that Father told on how he was doing matching.” “Would be good to hear testimonies from members who had deep experiences and listen more details on how is the done the selection of the partner.” “Not losing the importance of any lecture, because without one lecture we can’t understand the other, very important are the steps toward the matching and Blessing, but mostly I found inspiration in two lectures: God’s plan for our life and the importance of Cosmic Blessing.” “I would like that the lectures be more deep and longer in days.” “My desire is to receive matching from True Parents, but because this is not possible, I need to have more faith in the way how the matching is done and I need to have another view point. But I don’t have anything against the steps which are implemented, and I like the fact that we have the free will to decide on the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven.” “I believe in True Parents, in their words and the formula they decided to give the opportunity to all members to reduce the original sin. I am really grateful that they have decided this formula.”last_img

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