Youll soon be able to livestream Blizzard games on Facebook

first_imgWhen logging into Facebook, one is usually met with posts containing pictures of what friends are eating, awkwardly personal ramblings, and posts asking you to like and share things you couldn’t care less about — all of that while trying to avoid being stalked by a lonely or deranged (or both) ex. Facebook can be pretty annoying, but at least now all your friends’ political ramblings can be broken up with livestreams of Blizzard games.Blizzard Entertainment’s partnership with Facebook will integrate Facebook Live with all of the developer’s games. This feature, called Go Live, is currently in development. The PC versions of Blizzard games will also now have a Facebook login option, but console gamers can stream Blizzard games via their respective system’s built-in streaming applications. Expect this Facebook integration by the end of June.With livestreaming becoming more popular with each day, this move is a logical one. Given how Blizzard has some of the most popular games on the market, there is little doubt that many folks will take advantage of this new feature. Like I said, Facebook can be a nuisance, so being able to livestream or see friends playing titles like HearthStone and Diablo should make visiting the social network a little bit more appealing. If Blizzard finds success with Facebook livestreaming, it’s reasonable to expect that other major publishers will follow suit.AdChoices广告last_img

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