Sony set to get Harbinger cinematic universe

first_imgMarvel has one. Warner Bros. has one. Universal is working on one. Sony has been trying to get one off the ground for years, but may be trying again with the help of Valiant Comics.Sony is allegedly moving forward with a plan to bring the Harbinger and Bloodshot comics to the big screen. Sony has renewed the option on the Harbinger series and characters for six figures, with plans to adapt both series into a five-film franchise. But it’s not just planning to maybe discuss a franchise in the future. Rather, the studio is moving forward quickly, with plans to get the first film out by late 2017 or early 2018.The first two films are said to focus on Peter Stanchek, a teenager who has powerful telekinesis (better known as a psionic in the series), and Bloodshot, a man brought back from the dead with the help of nanites, which make him a killing machine.Both stories coincide in the universe thanks to the Harbinger Foundation, an organization led by Toyo Harada that recruits powerful recruits–or “harbingers”–to help him conquer the human race. Stanchek is originally a member, but turns against Harada, along with a team of resistance fighters. There will also be focus on some of the side characters, including Faith, who got her own comic book series this year.The deal was originally announced back in 2015 by Valiant, which said the series would be based around the two comics with a culmination into a crossover Harbinger Wars film. That was the series’ major crossover event back in 2013. The screenplay of Harbinger Wars was being written by Jeff Wadlow (from Kick Ass 2), and Eric Heisserer (who’s behind Lights Out and Arrival). There are currently no directors attached and most other details are being kept under wraps.For some, the introduction of yet another superhero or comic book adaptation can seem unnecessary, especially considering the so-called “superhero fatigue” that seems to be plaguing Hollywood and critics lately. However, Valiant’s works are different enough from its peers in Marvel and DC that it could add some interesting new blood, especially for people unfamiliar with the Harbinger series or any of Valiant’s comics.We have reached out to Valiant and Sony for comment and will update if we hear back.last_img

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