Windows 8 browser ballot screen arrives via Windows Update

first_imgWindows 8 is already in the hands of Microsoft’s manufacturing partners, and systems will soon be arriving on retail shelves in the EU. And to avoid any further grief from EU regulators over that whole browser ballot fiasco, Microsoft has pushed out a patch via Windows Update that will ensure Windows 8 systems in its jurisdiction are compliant.The update and accompanying Knowledge Base article (KB976002) have gone live, and there’s an explanatory page posted on the Windows site that breaks down what the Browser Choice update is all about. Several things occur once the update has been installed.On Windows 8 (and Windows 7) systems, Internet Explorer will be unpinned from the taskbar. All systems running Windows XP or later will have a new shortcut to open the Browser Choice screen dropped onto their desktops, and Windows 8 systems will also have a tile pinned to the Start Screen. After that’s done, the Browser Choice screen will appear and guide users through the process of selecting a web browser, just like the previous version did.Interestingly, Microsoft doesn’t mention whether the default browser tile will actually be removed from the Start Screen prior to the completion of the Browser Choice process. And right now, of course, there’s no other complete (dual-mode) alternative to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.Chrome’s Metro remix popped up on the Dev Channel back in June, and it should be on course for a move to Stable sometime before the late-October launch. Mozilla’s working away at a Firefox version, too, but we’ve only seen interface mockups so far.More at Microsoft, via Softpedialast_img

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