Crucial Adrenaline adds an SSD cache to your hard drive

first_imgIf your hard drive is starting to show its age, and a quick defrag doesn’t help improve its performance very much, then it might be time to consider an upgrade. But do you replace the drive with a brand new one, or spend a lot more cash and go with a fast SSD instead?Crucial have decided to give you a third option with the introduction of the Adrenaline SSD drive. It’s only 50GB in size, but isn’t meant to act as a main storage device. Instead, Crucial has set this drive up as a large, very fast cache for the most frequently used files on your system.The drive is based on the Crucial m4 SSD, meaning up to 500MB/s read speeds and 95MB/s writes. When combined with the included Dataplex caching software Crucial believe you can see up to an 8x improvement in data access when compared to using a standard hard drive alone.It takes up to three runs of the software to achieve optimum performance as the drive and caching system needs to figure out what your most frequent files are, but after that there should be a very noticeable improvement in boot times and overall data access for common applications.At $117.99 the Adrenaline is around the same price as a 750GB hard drive. You could argue it’s worth the investment if the 8x performance gain is realistic, and it’s certainly cheaper than one of the latest generation SSDs. Crucial also include everything you need to fit the Adrenaline in the box, including a 3.5-inch adapter bracket, screws, and a SATA cable.Check out the installation video below:Read more at Cruciallast_img

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