EAs Origin terms of service updated to block lawsuits

first_imgA couple of weeks ago Sony updated the Terms of Service (ToS) for the PlayStation Network so as to block anyone suing them by making you agree to resolve probelms with a “neutral arbitrator instead of in a court by a judge or jury.” The ToS also stipulated class action lawsuits aren’t allowed as you have to resolve a dispute independently.Not one to miss a trick, EA has decided to update the ToS for its Origin digital download service to block similar action. In signing up with Origin you agree to “waive the right to trial by jury” as well as “foregoing the right to sue in court,” and that you will only bring a claim against EA as an individual “not as a plaintiff or class member.”By implementing this change, EA has effectively stopped any lawsuits that involve big money payouts. If Origin suffers the same fate as the PSN hack, you won’t be able to make a claim against the company because you signed this agreement. All you can do is complain, and EA has the choice of whether to listen or not.Once again, you can opt out of this waiving of rights by writing to EA within 30 days of agreeing. Apparently this updated agreement went out on August 25, so unfortunately it is too late for such a letter. Such is the complexity and language of these terms, no one bothers reading them, so EA can easily slip such clauses through and pull the rug from under its customers.Next time EA does roll out an update to the ToS for Origin make sure to check them. It may allow the letter to be sent at that time revoking EA’s decision to waive your rights for you. You may also be glad to hear that if you live in Quebec, Russia, Switzerland and the Member States of the European Union you are exempt from the new terms.More at EA, via Kotaklast_img

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