Coming soon to a jailbroken iPad near you sidebyside app multitasking

first_imgAn aspiring iOS jailbreak enthusiast named Aaron Dot has hacked up a proof of concept that allows his iPad to run two iPhone-sized apps at the same time, on the same screen. Ridiculous you say? Probably, but there could definitely be more use to this than just playing two different games of Angry Birds side-by-side.The dev notes at his blog that he actually managed to get three apps running, but lost stability and crashed the whole thing when he tried for a fourth. There’s also an issue with getting audio and the accelerometer to work, but he hopes that fellow jailbreakers will be able to help iron those out in the coming weeks.AdChoices广告Running two apps on the same screen could be pretty awesome if you think about it — you could go through email while browsing the web, or chat while watching Hulu. You could even be productive and unproductive at the same time by pairing work stuff with a your favorite iPhone game. Sending work emails while sitting at Starbucks is one thing, but doing it while playing Final Fantasy at the same time? That’s just golden.We really want to see this hack in action, and we may get to in a couple of weeks. Aaron is attending the New York Jailbreak Meetup and has promised to let a few people play around with the dual-app iPad. Surely some of them will have their phones ready to capture some video and stick it up on YouTube.Read more at Aaron Dot MS, via MacStorieslast_img

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