Long Weekend Fun

The start to the August long weekend is just about perfect. Residents flocked to the beaches to catch some rays, while others went shopping in search of a bargain.A drop in the Canadian dollar and congestion along the QEW made the first day of the long weekend far from perfect.Port Dalhouise in St. Catharines was packed with beachgoers.Anyone looking to get out of town to enjoy the holiday probably found themselves sitting in traffic rather than on the beach.Shoppers were also hitting the aisles at the outlet malls in Niagara in search of a bargain.While most Canadian shoppers cross the border in search of a good deal. A slumping Canadian dollar is keeping them closer to home.The Canadian dollar dropped below 77 cents earlier this week after news the Canadian economy shrank for the fifth straight month.While the news is bad for Canadians, tourists are reaping the savings.Malls like Outlet Collection at Niagara are offering deals even Canadians can’t pass up.Economists are predicting the dollar to tumble as low as 73 cents, so it will be sometime before Canadian shoppers travel south of the border.

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