Moroccan Police Foil Dangerous Terrorist Project

Rabat – The Central Bureau for Judiciary Investigations (BCIJ), under the general directorate for national territory surveillance, foiled last Friday a dangerous terrorist project inside Morocco, planned by ISIS leaders, following the dismantling of a terrorist cell composed of three extremist people imbued with ISIS ideology and operating in the city of M’diq and Tangiers, said the Interior Ministry on Wednesday.The investigation under way confirmed that this cell was planning to commit serious terrorist acts to trigger a series of destructive operations seeking to undermine Morocco’s security and stability, with the aim of declaring Morocco a wilaya linked to ISIS, said the ministry in a statement.The same source said that the probe revealed that the cell chief, who was getting ready to join the Syrian-Iraqi scene, was chosen by a Moroccan fighter, who had broadcast recordings of threats against the Kingdom. The suspect was recruited an important leader within ISIS foreign operations unit who tasked him to carry out terrorist acts in Morocco against sensitive spots, security establishments and tourism sites, as well as foreigners from countries taking part in the international coalition against ISIS. The cell chief, who is skilled in explosive manufacturing from experience, was receiving from the said leader financial and logistical support to implement his terrorist project, the ministry added.The investigation also showed that the latter stole chemical products and equipment from the laboratory of an educational establishment in the city of M’diq in order to use them in bomb making.The suspects will be brought to justice after the end of the investigation led under the supervision of the public prosecutor’s office, it said, noting that this operation is part of the fight against ISIS terrorist threats.

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