Fans slate Dejan Lovren for his rather unwanted record

first_imgFrance have won the World Cup after beating Croatia 4-2 in the final of what has been a wonderful tournament.It’s all smiles in the French camp but spare a thought for the beaten finalists Croatia who have fought brilliantly throughout. Dejan Lovren finally you are one of the best at something one of the few players to loose both a champions league final and a world cup final on the same season😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂— Carlos Manuel Tapanes Perez (@carlosmtp24) July 15, 2018 Les Bleus are the world champions for the second time 2 Lovren dragged away a pitch invader as the game slipped away from Croatia In Dejan Lovren’s own words he is “one of the best defenders in the world for leading Liverpool to the Champions League Final and Croatia to the World Cup Final” he’s now lost in back to back finals. Maybe he forgot that he had Salah at Liverpool and Modric with Croatia..jokes 😂— Matt Waymont (@Waymont8) July 15, 2018 Lovren has lost 4 finals in a row. Some record for one of the best defenders in the world— Ergo (@SniersMoregut) July 15, 2018 However, many Twitter users did not hold back in their criticism of Dejan Lovren who has clocked up an unwanted tally of defeats in finals for both club and country.The defender has lost his last four cup finals – the League Cup and Europa League finals in 2016 as well as the Champions League and World Cup finals in 2018.This has been made worse by the fact the Liverpool man made some outlandish comments after Croatia’s semi-final victory over England.Lovren came out and said he felt he was one of the best defenders in the world which on reflection does not appear to be the wisest thing to say BEFORE playing in a World Cup final. And these fans could not resist mocking Lovren on his comments and his poor record in cup finals. Below you can see some of the best tweets below. Don’t let France’s victory distract you from the fact that Lovren claimed he’s the best defender in the world and lost two finals in one summer— Ugonna (@VikkiAngelX) July 15, 2018 2 Lovren the Best defender in the World Lol.. typical Liverpool mentality saying he is best and then bottling it 😂😂😂— SCHOLES (@iamscholes) July 15, 2018 I’m not Lovrens biggest fan, he’s a liability and a long ball man but demanding he be called one of the best defenders in the world a few days before he played against France’s front 3 is the most Lovren thing he’s ever done!!— Deano (@Deano_84) July 15, 2018last_img

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