Infantino, suspected of intervening to stop an investigation

first_imgAccording to the documentation of The Tribune de GenèveInfantino “concerned” about this investigation, he had written to his childhood friend Rinaldo Arnold that he was a prosecutor in the Haut-Valais region, where both come from. “I will try to explain to the MPC that it is in my interest that everything is clarified as quickly as possible, that it is clear that I have nothing to do with this case “Infantino had written in an email quoted by the newspaper. To which Rinaldo Arnold, who had already helped organize a first meeting between Attorney General Michael Lauber and Gianni Infantino, replied: “The important thing is the meeting in two weeks, if you want, I can accompany you againThat meeting supposedly happened on April 22, 2016, although it is unknown on what terms it took place.The Tribune de Genève have contacted both MPC as with FIFA but have refused to make any kind of statement about it. Although the world soccer body has always been in favor of “collaborating with Swiss justice”. The swiss newspaper The Tribune de Genève has published this Monday, with documents that support the information, that Gianni Infantino allegedly met on 22 April 2016 with the Swiss attorney general in order to influence an investigation of him.The Swiss Confederation Prosecutor’s Office (MPC) had started investigating Infantino in early 2016, shortly after his election as FIFA’s top manager, on the award by Infantino of a television rights contract to an offshore company, during his time as UEFA General Secretary.last_img

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