first_img:08—I don’t know if my editor will let me get away with this but I’ll give it a shot…the winner of The Dumb-Ass Award, hands down, far and away goes to Samuel Hurd, the clown that just signed a $5 million dollar contract, and used to play with the Chicago Bears. He tried to buy all the dope in Chicago at one time now the dope is going to jail for a lifetime. C’mon, C’mon, C’mon Man!:07—Let the record show that Barry Bonds is still the home run king (no offense “Hammering Hank”) but when you get 30 days house arrest and 2 years probation, that’s a home run of major proportions. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing steroid use by any means. But if the man said he didn’t do it I believe him. But the government spent about $100 million just to make an example out of Bonds. Do you know how much food you can buy for homeless people with that much money! I am just saying!:06—Your boy Todd Graham, the past “punk” football coach for the Pitt football team went straight-up ghetto on the Panthers…he packed up his stuff and left. Left the crib…the kids …his woman (that being the A.D.) and just hit the road. Cold man…just cold!:05—What’s the chances that the best team in football (the Packers) loses and the worst team in football (the Colts) wins on the same day! Un-be-live-able!:04—Here’s your movie review. Go see “New Year’s Eve.” Good movie, take your woman mmaann it’s that kind of movie. I give it three basketballs. Now shut up!:03—Mr. Solomon White stopped me while he was counting his money going into the bank, not coming out, to tell me he reads “Overtime.” Well Solomon, I told you if you say it I’ll write it. You are now in “The Locker Room”.:02—Here’s a Big Santa Helper thank you to everybody that made the 36th Annual Toys for Champions, aka Toys for Tots Christmas Party and Toy Giveaway held at the Penn Avenue McDonalds in Wilkinsburg this past Saturday. Listen, more than 750 toys were given out to more than 400 children in need. Ho, Ho, Ho and thanks to Penn Avenue McDonalds and owner Iftakar Milick, Chuck Sanders Charities, Savoy Restaurant, The Pittsburgh Chapter Black MBA Association, the Pittsburgh Force Women’s Pro Football Team, Artistree—(national R&B recording artists), the Diamond Models, Champion Enterprises executive staff, advisory board, and volunteers, all the contributors and most especially the wonderful families that came out to be a part of our best day ever!:01—“No Overtime” here boys and girls, it’s Christmas. Everybody go home!!MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY …~ Game Over ~ :10—Merry Christmas Baby…the Packers lose the Packers lose. Don’t ask me why but I just don’t like Green Bay. Anyway, on behalf of the Great Eugene “Mercury” Morris and the 1972 Miami Dolphins, rest easy boys your undefeated season is still safe.:09—Tee Bow…Tee Bow …Tee Bow…no more! As much as I love Mighty Tim, the Bronco’s run came to an end. New England just had too much offense. BILL NEAL last_img

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