Rosechasing: Bachelor producers instigated an extraordinary amount of drama this past season

first_imgUnlike Sydney, Victoria’s past was put on full display through the strange, interwoven history between her, Weber and Pence — and it proved too good an opportunity for the producers to pass up. The situation makes “The Bachelor” producers seem like cruel, evil masterminds, and it’s easy to see why. However, at the end of the day, you could also argue that the producers are merely doing their jobs. They’re simply increasing ratings, and the easiest way to do that is by making things as dramatic as possible. So maybe the producers aren’t fully to blame, as they are just one part of a bigger problem: The show itself is rotten through and through. Peter Weber set out on “The Bachelor” with hopes of finally finding love and a future wife. Instead, he got an extremely disappointing result that left him back at square one. While there were a number of self-inflicted factors that influenced the outcome of this season, there was still an overarching presence behind the scenes that orchestrated the overall plot.  This season, the producers showed that they never miss an opportunity to stir the pot. Their first bold act was to bring back Hannah Brown, who was fresh off a breakup with Weber from her season on “The Bachelorette,” on not one, but two instances.  (Angie Yang | Daily Trojan) I’m referring to the ABC producers and their unceasing dedication to concoct as much drama as possible for audiences. The problem is that they did so at the expense of the contestants and especially Weber, who was constantly confused and overwhelmed by the tensions around him. Social media exploded when she stepped out of the limo on night one and then again when she returned to ruin Weber’s first group date. For him, it was a nightmare. The woman who rejected him and broke his heart spoiled the group date by breaking down and tearfully talking about what could have been. The producers’ first curveball was almost too much for Weber to handle as his demeanor hinted that he still wasn’t over Brown, but this drama is exactly what they were aiming for since it drew attention on social media.  This further proves that the producers’ schemes overwhelmed Weber and left him confused and prone to making irrational decisions. With their extensive knowledge and research of each contestant, there was no way the producers were going to let such a major red flag slip through their fingers. The producers handpick the contestants for a reason, and in my opinion, they chose Victoria to be on the show because her controversy would create the notorious drama the show embodies. It’s possible that the producers were responsible for Peter’s unfortunate ending, as they added plenty of twists to this season, but a deeper look at the bigger picture once again exposes the dark reality of “The Bachelor” and its manipulation of people in the name of “good TV.”center_img Although there might not be any solid evidence showing that the producers were trying to haunt Weber with Brown, it’s also hard to argue in support of the idea that this connection was a mere coincidence. In light of the producers’ ability to mix things up in unexpected ways and Weber’s soft spot for Brown, it’s possible that the producers were trying to develop an intriguing storyline between Brown and Hightower. However, Hightower was sent home before Weber ever learned of her link to Brown.  But that’s not all that the producers did to Victoria. They pulled an even bigger wild card later in the season by using one of Peter’s ex-girlfriends, Merissa Pence, who happened to know Victoria (what a surprise). Pence told Weber that Victoria was responsible for ending multiple relationships among their friend group, which came as a major shock to Peter.  Of all the contestants, I felt that Victoria was manipulated the most by the producers. They first wronged her by setting up a one-on-one date between her and Peter at a special concert with country singer Chase Rice, who, by no coincidence, happened to be her ex-boyfriend.  While that was the last time we heard from Brown on the show, there was a third possible awkward scenario she was involved in. A former classmate of Brown’s revealed on Twitter that contestant Sydney Hightower went to high school with Brown.  While Hightower’s past didn’t come into play, Victoria Fuller’s history played a huge role in her relationship with Peter and further demonstrates the producers’ uncanny ability to make things awkward for everyone. Victoria had seemingly developed a good rapport with Peter, but their relationship was clearly not meant to last even though she was among the final three.  When she realized she would have to be seen front and center with her new boyfriend in front of Rice, she must have felt extremely uncomfortable. I’m sure Rice felt the same, as he was also blindsided by the encounter.  Harrison Cho is a sophomore writing about “The Bachelor” and American pop culture. His column, “Rosechasing,” typically runs every other Friday.last_img

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