How They Got There

first_imgThis is the concensus on how Kansas City, Toronto, the Mets, and the Cubs wound up baseball’s Top 4 teams last year.  In the case of Kansas City, they did it mostly through smart drafting of players and good trades.  Their two main acquisitions were Cain and Escobar.  The Blue Jays reached the top through free agency and smart trades.  They obtained Edwin  Encarnacion, and Troy Tulowitski from trades.As far as the Mets are concerned, they did it through the draft.  Their top 4 pitchers are deGron, Harvey, Motts, and Syndergaard.  All of these pitchers are in their first or second full season, so if the Mets can re-sign them they should be set for many years.  The Cubs also used the draft and smart trades to jump to the Top 4 in a very short time.  Their acquisition of Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo in trades along with their own development of Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber make them a formidable team for many years.I am sure that all 4 of these teams will be in the thick of the pennant races in 2016.last_img

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