Land Rover becomes rail rover

first_imgAll-terrain vehicles from Land Rover are now also able to run on railway track. Conversion work carried out by Permaquip includes fitting Fairmont Tamper Series 1000 Hy-Rail gear, enabling Road/Rail Land Rovers to operate on-rail at up to 32 km/h.Versions available include a general purpose pickup truck, personnel carrier, welders vehicle, rapid response unit, and OHL inspector with offset boom. Each type is equipped with marker and floodlighting, and road/rail electrical change-over to meet Railtrack Group Standards. ’On-tracking’ ramps are provided to get the unit onto the railway easily, even where level crossing access is not available. A tail-lift version is planned for later this year.Permaquip offers a number of options for potential users in addition to buying outright. Road/Rail Land Rovers can be hired or leased from Permaquip. Alternatively, existing Land Rovers can be converted, or if preferred bought and leased back in converted form.Permaquip, Nottingham, Great BritainReader Enquiry Number 141last_img

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