Possible Croatian tourist directions in 2021: Croatian tourism desperately needs new energy

first_imgSomewhere in the background, opportunities for creating tourism for seniors or so-called silver generation of the third age which has the financial possibilities and the need to spend its third age meaningfully and profitably for us.  Especially painful is the decline in group arrivals from the markets of South Korea and China, which brought life and liveliness in the pre- and sub-season period throughout Croatia, especially in Zagreb. That would mean pivotal shifting the focus and investment of the operational national tourism market strategy and emerging tactics to the markets of Europe and the United Kingdom.  In the case of Croatia, these are air arrivals from the Far and Middle East and North and South America, but also the potential acceptance of ships in Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. Uncertainty in assessments of the type “what will happen if there will be” introduces considerable uncertainty and business neurotics and can lead to reaching for the whole arsenal of insufficiently thought-out decisions and even more hasty moves. AND haste brings, as usual, direct and not small economic damage. The solution is to create the conditions for every destination to become and be – ”safecation ” or translated, “safe location”. It is, as you probably guessed, a two-word coin – “safe” and “location”. This also indicates that we cannot, figuratively speaking, have apples and pears. In the current game, which is nota bene imposed on us, not everyone can be satisfied and we cannot court all the domestic actors of the offer and at any cost. The only thing that is certain is that after September follows October, after October November, after November December. And here we are in the tourist 2021. Which just shows that time is inevitably running out. Like sand in an hourglass. third, experientially more specialized, and less “general practice”. In my opinion – we have no other choice for now. Without denying the previous main factor of Croatian tourist advantage, ie those famous tourist ones 4 S: Sun – Sea – Sand – Sex, it’s time to really, step by step come to life and long ago mentioned 6 E tourism: Escape – Education – Ecology – Entertainment – Excitement – Experience. In the approach to the offer, the key substitution of theses is – shorter becomes longer and time – more intense. We understand that now the need for the longest possible total tourist year is really opening up, and not just 3-4 hit tourist months. Our specialized trump cards are now in order nautical, eno-gastro, cultural, sporty (with the inevitable cyclotourism as a sub-segment) and adventure tourism. If the day is known in the morning, the following are likely, of course three tourist tactics orientations in the currently “floating and diffuse” 2021: Forum: / Illustration: At the same time, this situation requires the most intensive and day-to-day monitoring of the situation (business intelligence) of harmonized and focused national external representations – from the Croatian Tourist Board, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce to the Croatian embassies.  Let’s pull up and roll up our sleeves. Now Croatian tourism desperately needs new hope, emotion and energy. And let’s communicate it clearly, decisively and proactively to all stakeholders in the tourism sector – public and private! They are in the same basket. And let’s not forget – The world loves winners though!  So let’s try to see the cool heads that are to be expected and – what we have to do. At least as far as the initial focuses are concerned. Reports and evaluations of the situation should be performed in the most intensive dynamics and, if at all possible, through standardized forms and consolidated in the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in the established for that occasion. a specialized task-force team, who will be able to have review the game in a weekly rhythm. And thus open space for the Government of the Republic of Croatia, ie the Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Prime Minister himself for faster and more efficient concrete measures in all tourism complementary areas and in ministerial departments – from finance, sea, transport, infrastructure and health. We are talking in principle about “Slow motion” tourism, which in the era of current uncertainty takes the current primacy over “party tourism”. Not every evil is for evil. “Slow motion” tourism opens a new opportunity for innovation and creativity to new and conceptually fresh entrepreneurial generations in tourism.center_img Emotionally more geo-locationally closer, and less locationally farther away The world loves winners  At the same time, this does not mean and does not imply sacrifice at any cost of other markets, but let us remember the old thought that “the broad front also crushed Napoleon.” Perceived more specialized, and less “general practice” The concrete interests of serious investors for the construction and commissioning of a premium resort for this type of audience along the Adriatic, but also in the interior, are already being expressed. Which further strengthens and creates fertile ground for the true revival of health tourism in the full possible scope, which has so far proven itself most in the field of dentistry, ophthalmology and orthopedics. Which, by the way, we are constantly talking about, and there is no way to make a concrete step forward, that is, to invest significantly and specifically in a targeted way – from enlarging the range of offers to targeted and more intensive effective marketing. We have already written about the model of vertical, horizontal and spectral measures of anti virus measures ( and should not be repeated, but should repeated and uncompromisingly consistently implemented such and other measures. There really is no discussion. Otherwise we will pay a higher price again than we need. Let’s just remember how in the first days of opening after the so-called “Lockdown” humbly wiped the surfaces of tables in the catering industry and even disinfected the seats very often in order to gradually start giving up more and more on the principle “We will easily! They don’t want us here either! ” first, emitting more geo-locationally closer, and less on, The destinations themselves, on the other hand, must introduce a “safecation policy” as consistently as possible, both in the service delivery zone and in internal and external communication.  We are now aiming snipers, not heavy artillery. A decisive battle begins for each individual guest, as announced in the last few years by those who know tourism to the core and who did not allow themselves to be deceived by the successive seductively fluttering repetition of “tourist pluses”. The only question is whether we are mentally and functionally ready for that in the destinations themselves or not. else, receptively more destination-safe, and less debauched, and Talking to colleagues who work in tourism and following everything that is currently being said in our country and in the world about tourism in 2021, I conclude: Only one thing is certain – it is known that – nothing is known.  If we look beyond the horizon, then most of these selective types of tourism have the potential to become an appropriate additional communication and sales platform for the sale of certain types of Croatian products such as nautical vessels and equipment, food and beverages. If the conditions of their production we know, of course, adequately relax, not suffocate. In a pandemic situation, intercontinental or, in the vocabulary of tour operators, “long haul” trips with flights longer than 3 or 4 hours and especially more transfers suffer first, which is logical and well known to everyone. The same goes for cruising. Entrepreneurs and destinations, who live from “party tourism”, must start thinking about how to respond to this challenge. Receptively more destination-safe, and less unbridled  Why are we writing this? Uncertainty breeds insecurity, insecurity brings procrastination, procrastination leads to despair. And hopelessness is the mother of all failures.last_img

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