first_img  The Board would do well to heed the humble sentiments of Superintendent Smith.   Written By: Gail Riecken  Smith seemed so personally embarrassed back then by the offering of a pay raise that he exclaimed in the article, “I know everybody is wired differently,” Smith said. “I get paid a very, very, very good wage. This is about who you get to work with, and where you get to work. That’s a blessing.”    FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare  They should leave his contract alone.  Over the years this Superintendent seems to have established himself with the Board as a reasonable and honest man.     Worse yet, it would be a disrespectful signal to the new Board that they are not worthy of their elected position.  But the Board, if they chose to augment the Superintendent’s contract yet this year, will establish themselves a lasting image as unreasonable and arrogant. They will declare publicly a political option that would be a strong negative for each of those members remaining on the Board as they look at future elections.      Leaving the contract alone is the only the politically responsible and respectful action available for this EVSC Board.   It is not this Board but next year’s new Board that should make any changes to the contract.  The Board, if they chose the right direction and not change the contract this year, will affirm publicly their respect for Superintendent Smith and their respect for the new Board’s right to do what they think should happen with the contract.      I understand the present EVSC School Board and the School Board attorney are hoping to increase the Superintendent’s salary and increase the years of the present contract, a contract signed barely a year ago.      Superintendent Smith’s base salary for 2018 is reported as $218, 545, if a Courier Press article of 2017 is right.last_img

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