Outdoor Updates: Global CO2 levels are at record levels

first_imgCarbon dioxide, the gas mainly responsible for global warming, has reached levels on earth not seen in 3 million years. Scientists used computer simulations of our planet’s past and compared them to data from the deep sea. The findings showed that the last time carbon dioxide on Earth was so elevated the sea level was 65 feet higher and trees grew on Antarctica. Today’s CO2 levels are 410 parts per million. Scientists note that even trace amounts in the atmosphere raise global temperatures and that the levels cannot be explained by natural factors. All of the world’s nations, except the United States, have joined the Paris climate agreement with the goal of lowering carbon dioxide emissions and stopping the rise in global temperature. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to move California condors into the Pacific Northwest The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed to establish an experimental population of the California condor in the Pacific Northwest. Data shows that reintroduction of the California condor into northern regions is biologically feasible and will help to conserve the species. The California condor is the largest land bird in North America and can live up to 60 years. When humans began settling the Americas, California condors lived throughout much of the continent but by 1987 the bird was listed as extinct in the wild due to poaching, habitat destruction and lead poisoning. Numbers grew through captive breeding programs and in 1991 the birds were reintroduced back into the wild. They remain one of the world’s most rare birds. As of 2017 there were 463 total living California condors.center_img Global carbon dioxide levels are higher than they’ve been in 3 million yearslast_img read more


The City of Masters has announced a competition for a new director

first_imgThe moment it was made new brand strategy The City of Trogir is looking for an expert who will manage the tourist potential of one of the most beautiful coastal cities with more than 100 years of tourism tradition. “Trogir is a jewel with huge tourist opportunities and potential, not in terms of mass but in terms of quality of offer and extension of the season. We have all the prerequisites for that, from the beautiful UNESCO-protected old town that still lives and is not just the scenery, to our three islands, the hinterland, a solid restaurant offer, small family farms…, but all this must and can be better. Whoever is at the head of our Tourist Board will also be in sweet trouble, but they will also have high criteria set for the direction we want to go in the future. Tourism is one of our main industries and we hope to attract and bring a quality person who will know how to capitalize on that potential.”Said Mayor Ante Bilić. At the beginning of December, Trogir recorded 148 thousand arrivals and 611 thousand overnight stays. Compared to last year, growth in both categories is about four percent, but despite the good work of tourism workers so far, the City of Trogir says that growth is not and should not be the only measure. “For a year and a half, we worked on a new branding strategy of the city, which opens up huge opportunities for positioning in the domestic and Mediterranean market. We believe that we need to know how to respond to the needs of modern tourists and provide them with a motive to come at least ten months a year, and with the project of branding the destination we have taken it seriously. I am proud that we were the first in Croatia to start this project so comprehensively, while it is still being talked about at the national level. That is why we want the best and most competent professionals to apply for the top position of our Tourist Board “Said Mayor Bilic. RELATED NEWS: Find out more about the competition as well as the new brand strategy of Trogir in the attachment. In addition to the implementation of the recently presented branding strategy based on old and modern Trogir masters, through the creation of new content and offers and through quality communication and promotion on modern channels, the new director will work on developing a brand store whose opening is planned for 2020. , which Trogir will also have as the first city in Croatia. “We hope that candidates for this job will show knowledge of the concept of ambitious projects we have embarked on, a good level of marketing and digital knowledge and that their enthusiasm will follow our plans and desires. Yes, we want hardworking, creative and energetic people because they are very much needed in the public sector as well. I invite everyone who meets the conditions of the tender and is seen in the projects we have launched to contact us”Concluded Bilic. Side dish: Competition for a new director of the Trogir Tourist Board The tender was published in the Official Gazette according to clearly defined criteria that apply to all tourist boards, and lasts until 28.12.2019. The Tourist Board of the City of Trogir has announced a competition for a new director.  The city of Trogir presented a new branding strategylast_img read more