Study smarter with first ever iPad 2 Smart Cover app

first_imgIts technologies like this that make me wish I had an iPad when I was in college. Evernote has just come out with the first ever app that works in conjunction with the iPad 2’s Smart Cover. The study tool helps you build your memory by eliminating the old-school flashcard way of learning and replacing it with an intuitive, easy-to-use app.Available now for free in the Apple App Store, Evernote Peek utilizes the Smart Cover, which Apple introduced along with the iPad 2 in March. The cover is held in place with magnets and powers down the display when in place, and vice versa. To use the app, you simply connect Evernote Peek to your Evernote account and choose the materials you’d like to study. Then, you close the Smart Cover. In the same way you’d peek at an answer on a piece of paper that’s face down, you simply peek under the Smart Cover to see a clue. Raising it a notch further will give you the answer. Closing the cover again will give you the next clue, and so on.AdChoices广告You’ll never have to lug around hundreds of notecards again and spend all that time writing them out, which is definitely a time-consuming task. This app could definitely be useful for learning vocabulary, and especially for learning words in a new language. As you can see in the example above, the note titles become the clues or questions, and the note bodies become the answers.The idea is so simple, yet very handy. It makes us wonder why more people haven’t designed apps that utilize the Smart Cover. Also, now that there is an app that uses the Smart Cover, will we be seeing more in the future?Read more at the Evernote bloglast_img read more