Out of 7000 UG students only 400 voted in UGSS Presidential

Registrar at the University of Guyana, Dr Nigel GravesandeAlthough the University of Guyana (UG) caters for more than 7000 students, it was announced at a recent installation ceremony, that only some 400 students would have participated in a democratic election process to select a new President for UG’s Students’ Society (UGSS).This is according to a Registrar of the University, Dr Nigel Gravesande who shared remarks during the brief ceremony convened at the University’s Turkeyen Campus.He said, “Student governance here at the University of Guyana generally goes unnoticed by the average UG student but your efforts are felt everywhere on our two campuses and four centers…having less than 400 students participating in a democratic process that involves in excess of 7000 students needs us to urge and work assiduously to do better next time”.Gravesande told this publication that the number of students who participated in the election process, happens to be about the same each year although the hopes the number of voters can be increased.“I wanted to see much greater involvement in the democratic process, its important and I hope that as the years go progress that we would have a larger turn out to select the representatives that will lead the governance structure of the students,” the Registrar added.He said he believes it is because the students try to stay focused that they choose not to participate in such events, although it does not take away their focus.Nevertheless the University had its new President of the student body sworn in.New UGSS President Devta RamroopElected to serve was Devta Ramroop of the Natural Sciences Faculty. Along with her, several other representatives were elected to serve in various capacities.Ramroop will be responsible for making representations on behalf of her fellow students at decision making meetings and at other forums.She was also elected to serve in the capacity of a faculty representative in Natural Sciences.She was warned by the past president of the UGSS that she will no longer have time for herself as it will go towards the development of the University, even as he congratulated her.While giving her remarks, the newly elected president expressed how happy she was to be appointed to the position, as a female.According to her, “In recent years women throughout the world have been tirelessly working towards breaking the glass ceiling. At nearly every decision-making firm in our country men have been the dominant voices, I mean nothing is wrong with that but today I stand on the strong shoulders of two females presidents before me…the 16-years drought is finally over”.Ramroop said she hopes her sincere service will embolden others to rise to take up the challenge as well. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUG students complain of exorbitant graduation fees, threaten boycottJuly 16, 2016In “latest news”Over 3,000 new university students enrolled at Turkeyen CampusAugust 29, 2018In “latest news”US based family gifts land, property to UG towards bursary for Berbice studentsJanuary 20, 2018In “Business” read more


EURO 2012 Serbia EHF inspection again in Niš

← Previous Story Ivan Lapcevic helping second division team Next Story → EHF Men’s EURO 2012 (Qual – Round 2): Balkan derby – Austrians waiting for Iceland Story about city of Niš as a host city of EURO 2012 in Serbia is still in progress. Since a few days ago we published a news about a rights that a taken away to be a host of Preliminary group, because Niš wasn’t started to build a new Sports hall, what was planned and mentioned in Serbian candidature. After two meetings of all reliable factors in Serbian handball and Government, decision was that Niš won’t built a new hall, but is ready to make a total reconstruction off old “Čair” sports hall. That means that after reconstruction process “Čair” will suit all EHF requirements.EHF announced that will come to Niš again from 10th to 12th November to check all papers and technical documentation about it. Meanwhile, Niš has to send all project plans and 3D presentation to Vienna until third of November.Also, President of Serbian Handball Federation, Velimir Marjanovic told to Serbian PRESS that “Croatian handball representatives offered that city of Osijek (very close to Serbo-Croat border) change Niš”, but this was declined by HRS as just unofficial talk.It was planned that Niš host one of the Preliminary group of EURO 2012. Another host cities are Belgrade, Vršac and Novi Sad. Spors hall “Čair” read more